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Maria Sara 6A Air pollution generated by chemical pollutants from indus

The environmental issue is now one of the most serious problems discussed by mankind. Concerns about what has happened to the environment, the causes of these events and their consequences are almost always very negative, occupied much of the time devoted to debate in international meetings. fedex india tracking
Global warming arouses great concern for many scientists and researchers, who are concerned about the possible consequences that the increase in temperature can cause the Earth's climate.
Search, analyze, reflect and answer the following questions that should serve as a roadmap to prepare an argumentative text about on the questions asked, whose theme is: Problems atmospheric.
- Answer fedex india tracking each question first, then draw up a rough draft before fedex india tracking the final text. INSERT your text in the comments of this item Post Activity;
One of the main problems is the atmospheric greenhouse effect, caused by excessive burning of fossil fuels and massive deforestation, which increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In addition, there is a reduction of the ozone layer. Isabella fedex india tracking Augusta-6b Delete Reply
John, There is a limit of lines. Do not worry about it. Try to understand what is being asked to answer the questionnaire. fedex india tracking ATTENTION: the answers will not be short as they like to do. Look, you have to justify and / or explain away each. Done this, this questionnaire fedex india tracking will guide the construction of argumentative text as talk in the classroom. Hugs. Delete Reply
A major problem is the atmosphere of greenhouse, fedex india tracking the greenhouse has collaborated with increasing temperature on the globe in recent décadas.Num near future, the temperature increase caused by the greenhouse effect may cause the melting of the polar ice caps and the rise sea levels. As a result, many coastal cities may disappear from mapa.Ele fedex india tracking is caused fedex india tracking by excessive burning of fuels, fossil and massive deforestation, which increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In addition, there is a reduction of the ozone layer. john b marcelo 6 nano Delete Reply
João Marcelo, I suggest you redo this text. For this you still have time to give it one more crafted. André Science teacher you will contribute to the construction and development of this activity. Hugs. Delete Reply
Atmospheric fedex india tracking problems are problems caused by the emission of gases or pollutants released into the atmosphere. Occur by excessive pollution caused by man as the burning of fossil fuels, the smoke caused by the factories, fires, etc. Examples of atmospheric problems are: greenhouse effect, the melting, acid rain, the hole in the ozone layer, etc. The greenhouse effect is a process that occurs when a portion of the solar radiation reflected by the Earth's surface is absorbed by certain gases in the atmosphere. As a consequence, the heat is trapped, not being released into space. fedex india tracking The greenhouse effect is caused by human society, ie, it is caused by man. The release of chlorofluorocarbon can cause serious problems for humans, for example: breathing problems and can get will cause the individual to death. The planet earth is warming, that is a fact, because the release of gases in the atmosphere cause the greenhouse effect, which is already present on earth. The pollution, fires and the emission of gases into the atmosphere, all contribute to global warming. According to calculations performed fedex india tracking by David Frank, the Swiss research institute, and his team, an increase of one degree on the thermometer leads to a moderate increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide, fedex india tracking between 1.7 and 21.4 parts per million ( PPM) with an average level of 7.7 ppm. In an attempt to measure the risk of acceleration of global warming, the researchers used more than 200 000 measurements of temperature and CO2 concentration between the years 1050 and 1800, a time when the impact of human activity on the greenhouse gas-effect fedex india tracking greenhouse was minimal. fedex india tracking The industrial revolution marks, very clearly, the onset of progressive transformation process taking place in various fedex india tracking areas of humanity, especially in economy, society, technology and the environment. The causes and consequences of global climate change fedex india tracking are closely linked to these four aspects. So we can conclude that if we do not do our part, for example, avoid circular with cars, not littering in the river and in culverts, our planet will heat up and eventually fedex india tracking destroy itself and will be very difficult to find living beings on earth. We can use as an example the "three Rs" are: RECYCLE, REUSE and REDUCE. Name: André Moreira YEAR: 6b Delete Reply
Maria Sara 6A Air pollution generated by chemical pollutants from indus

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