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Esli Augusto I understood that there they say that the Amazon forest is theirs. Is that a problem?

My dear students of the 8th Year A (CBG), In order to awaken them to some issues and not be deceived by the subversive and globalizing media is that this activity was developed. This material courier post nz circulated the Internet for a while. Analyze the image below along with the text "translation" and then formulate comments about this publication. DO well written comments, as they will be evaluated. You should courier post nz use the cultural norms for their essay, DO NOT use the "msn" language. WARNING the terms used in your text. To search on the subject courier post nz before writing comments. Seek also read the original text in the image. IMPORTANT: Do not copy comments from colleagues who posted first.
Since the mid 80s the most important forest in the world became the responsibility of the United States courier post nz and the United Nations. It's called PRINFA courier post nz (FIRST INTERNATIONAL RESERVES THE AMAZON FOREST), and its foundation was made because of the Amazon courier post nz be located in South America, one of the poorest regions of the world and surrounded by irresponsible, cruel and authoritarian countries. It was part of eight different and strange countries, which, courier post nz in most cases, are realms courier post nz of violence, courier post nz drug trafficking, ignorance, courier post nz and a people without intelligence and primitive.
The creation of PRINFA was supported by all the nations of the G-23 and it was really courier post nz a special mission for our country and a gift for everyone, since the possession of these very valuable land in the hands of people so primitive countries and condemn the lungs the disappearance of the world and total destruction in a few years.
We consider that this area has the highest biodiversity on the planet, with a large quantity of specimens of all kinds of animals and plants. The value of this area is incalculable, but the planet can be assured that the United States will not allow these Latin American countries to explore and destroy this real ownership of all mankind. PRINFA is as an international park, with strict rules for exploration. NOTE: The texts will be posted until the date of 13/09/2010. The texts that are posted after this date will NOT be evaluated. Good job!
Philip José 8ano I realized that at that time the United States courier post nz was willing to take the Amazon rainforest of Brazil "is desfarçando" it was because Brazil is surrounded by dangerous and poor countries but in my opinion he just wanted to stay with the Amazon forest to America then PRINFA was approved by the G-23 to preserve the so-called "lung courier post nz of the planet." Delete Reply
Esli Augusto I understood that there they say that the Amazon forest is theirs. Is that a problem? (Rhetorical question) .Yes is a problem. Why? Because children who come now in America will find that Amazon is theirs. Again this proves that the USA has to be in control of everything but apparently feel insecure. And here still swear that talking is a war zone, point of trafficking. And I'm sure (certain) that if Amazon would not have them nor account for more Indian history. But for a certain side are certain we do not take good care, and they; good controlão then almost everyone can understand. Delete Reply
Moçada, good day! Okay, are beginning to develop critical thinking. But they are still far from what I presented them in this activity. Return to activity and reflect on it and search. You pecisam develop this area. Hugs. Delete Reply
In my opinion the United States are spreading such stories courier post nz for the world to think that the underdeveloped countries of Latin America does not have the ability to preserve the forest amazônica.Como worldwide run news deforestation in the Amazon, they want to take advantage courier post nz of natural resources. Thus the United States can begin to take advantage of the resources that Amazon offers, because, as they want to be a heritage of everyone els also do this with the wealth of their own country? Delete Reply
The United States says the Amazon is theirs. But as well as theirs? They take advantage of all the forest provides: wood, medicinal plants, diversity of plants and animals etc. Thousands of big business (including BRAZILIAN) remove lots of wood illegally from Amazon with the intuition of profit and not complain that Brazil can take care of it. In part, I agree that Brazil does not take care of it properly, but we need to take an initiative that cases like this are not repeated. Delete Reply
In my opinion the USA released these reports to show that the countries of South America are worse than them and do not know how to manage the Amazon forest law, enjoying many clearings that are happening in this area. In addition to once again prove superior in relção to other countries. Use these excuses as ca

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