Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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One that I also fully Overseas Filipino Workers. My first flight was in the Middle ondot courier East. Pretty excited and full of foreboding when the first flight, excited because I experience as stepping on the land of another race and be able to experience as a foreigner. Kc pretty nervous for the remainder in the Philippines to prevent worried especially if pamilyado kana. Since my first time abroad to experience my first summer in the Middle East very hot and because I work in construction so I feel it climate in the heat, and turn upon reaching the freezing winter here also, perhaps just two of the climate in the Middle East, summer and winter only and rarely rain in a year. First time I also interact with other races have pretty hard to adjust at first especially food, and accommodation. On that time I'm not comportable in my room because I'm staying with other people and our beliefs and culture are totally different, but over the days, months and years I just trained narin wise you only speak English even Kunti, There is no reason for you not misunderstanding. I just noticed that too long have turned you away from the first aabroad I Philippines until now nearly four years I was working in another country, and not just the four years I have visited the Middle East, now in North Africa ondot courier I nakadistino and here, so here also the culture of the people and the environment many times adjustment should I do and learn and as usual at first just so difficult and ultimately makakasanayan also. I thought long as four years and even though I come home yearly but still not enough to fully satisfy bakasyun a month a year I'm not next to my family. Specifically should spend more time with them to say I complete my day and I sleep with a smile on my lips. Over the time I have to Philippines natanong myself if I would be so wonderful Kelan OFW? Some flights yet so I mae-experience? Fulfillment really the dream life of a poor Filipinos work abroad? In four years I have been abroad I not feel the alleged fulfillment of our dreams. Now actually a verifiable OFW be sad, and being OFWs leave your children and wife in the Philippines and that one thing is the hardest decision you made. Request hopefully I will treat my children grow rich the Philippines so you do not have to travel abroad for work abroad and leave the family like I did today. Posted: Highways & Society
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