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Yes, finally! Nakapagbakasyon too! We went to Naga City and Caramoan Island last July 26-29. We spent putang mother! All winnings go, paid! Nakakaloka! parcels to go Along with my 2 Nganet my closest friends, Si and Si Nurse Elna. We really excited because we nabook time to time. Actually, he Elna nagbook. Nagwish yet because I did not turn umalan parcels to go a storm before that day. Super pics we're coming over the airport, just like Boracay also. When we in Naga City, super miss a ride. We surprised fare price 4, 250 dmg each. Nyemas turn. Residual Residual maybe we just dun eat! I was surprised by car, Vios. Ostentatious car! Me because we fell from 3 to shift except Nganget. We reached the port onto Caramoan. The funny here, you have Hold onto boat. Borne me funny because of Manong, a rival etchas blocking. Long yellow yet. Pretentious 2 hours to departure and arrival at the port there was another mini boat for makadaong area. Paid again! Putang mother really! We shuttle picks provided by the Pen Hotel. We assume distorted because the hotel robbery, were not in ostentatious eh! With us check in the crew of Survivor Sweden. Just a little break because done done in Caramoan Islands Pound because one day .... we just continued it .. Daming question of the agents that I polluted! ... Seems to be missing ...
Archive Aug 2010 (2) Oct 2008 (4)
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