Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Customs hong kong post tracking ready to simplify the rules for registration of goods imported from

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Customs hong kong post tracking ready to simplify the rules for registration of goods imported from abroad by private operators express delivery, and reported. about. Head of the Moscow Central Customs hong kong post tracking Administration Customs Alexander Durov, participating in an expanded meeting with representatives of express carriers on-site automated hong kong post tracking postal center "Vnukovo-2".
Previously, the import of goods for individuals from abroad stopped a number of express hong kong post tracking carriers, including DHL, FedEx, TNT. In UPS assured that while import parcels for individuals hong kong post tracking is not suspended, but the delivery time may be increased. Operators DPD, Pony Express, and the delivery of CPCR did not stop.
Carriers stated that they could not deliver a parcel with the existing rules of entry - the process takes too long, and the customer is required to provide a large volume of documents, including a copy of your passport with registration, order from an online store, photo ordered products, as well as the original statement from the bank receipt showing online store as the payee. However, TCF said that requirements are consistent hong kong post tracking with current legislation, which urged operators to comply with the regulator.
Foreign online stores also began to abandon the delivery of goods to Russia. January 25 this stated on their websites onlayl large retailers, specializing in apparel:, (entrance to the Swiss Richemont, specializing in the production of luxury goods), and Easdane (both stores owned by
In Russia you can without paying a monthly fee to import hong kong post tracking parcels of up to 1,000 Euros (or) weighing up to 31 kg per month. In 2012, the Russians were delivered, according to the FCS, 7,000,000 parcels of 2.8 billion euros, "Vedomosti", citing data from the FCS.
According to the National Association hong kong post tracking of distance selling, in 2012 Russian users have made 107 million purchases in online stores, it is approximately 0.7 purchases per capita. According to experts, the growth of purchases abroad should be observed further. For example, in Germany just been made 1.8 billion purchases (more than 20 parcels per capita), which indicates the growth potential of the Russian market.
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