Tuesday, February 4, 2014

EMC with me on the phone always check the time and date of delivery. In their commentary in paragra

On January 23, 2014 the network has information that express carriers Association (AEP) which includes companies such as Fedex, DHL, UPS, and other CPCR. Most Russians do not deliver purchases pushpak express from online stores. Such measures private carriers cause difficulties for purchase habrazhitelyami Nexus and iPhone in the U.S., as well as other devices, many of us have used the services of delivery for these particular companies. Since the services of EMS Russian Post or simply dangerous to the wallet, but still infinitely long. upd: like the back wound off "This is a draft letter, which was sent to members of the association to discuss. Someone hurry and posted it on the Internet. Consolidated position statements on this issue, each company will decide on their own "However, despite the optimistic update learned that DHL stops from January 27 to accept the parcel to be sent to Russia. A company Fedex introduced such a ban already January 21 and allow only send documents. Information about this is verified by Lenta.ru Recall that in December 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to impose Internet commerce pushpak express surtaxes. Thereafter, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation took the initiative to reduce the limit on the idea of buying from 1 000 to 150 euros per month.
This was expected.
Rebuttal: itar-tass.com/ekonomika/908725 Delivery is not canceled, but did discuss a potential opportunity, do not agree, so each company will decide on their own.
+10 IgorOleynick, January 23, 2014 at 21:28 #

Smart TV - it's the one with access to the Internet? Then, on the contrary, like, should be: if you try, you can be a good movie to find applications. In general, I'd had enough with one TV channel: Discovery.
Sometimes watching a movie in applications such as IVI, Megogo ... Of course, most of the films there slag, but if a little flip through the pages (referring to IMDB), you can see a good movie about which you might not otherwise know.
I have a Sharp-full of free e applikuh, pile some music and video services, but I'm still none of these do not use: telly worth connected to WD TV Live and plays exclusively with him (and he in turn takes content a mini-server's home). A lying, still plugged into the TV Chromecast - through it convenient to watch youtube :)
He already ... I ordered from the U.S. lead, and so he was sent on January 7 and January 9, he flew from the United States in the direction of Russia. Today 23.01. News about sending, not even to the customs have not got. Flies apparently ...
With ribbon
+1 Objc, January 24, 2014 at 03:20 #
Upon correction they still only planned. Here's pushpak express the plan for years, there are scheduled deliveries: pushpak express 2018.minsvyaz.ru/docs/pdf/Plan_MKS_Post.pdf ps But now they really pushpak express have the commissioning of new logistics centers, refurbish old. So at a certain share of luck indeed many parcel came faster also noticed.
EMC with me on the phone always check the time and date of delivery. In their commentary in paragraph issue (sometimes it's easier to pick up the most), they call up the recipients if their phone is listed in the shipment.
I was also very surprised: RC474701823CN - 04/01/2014-16/01/2014, thought that at least until February.
I sent an order with Amazon through banderolku by CPCR. They called me after the holidays and offered to send EMS, because in my town do not deliver. I agreed, since last parcel received as well. Traces autopsy were visible when I opened pushpak express the package EMS, the box has not been securitized banderolku tape stripped some labels. Act I make the post office refused because EMS package was not moved, I called the CPCR, but I was sent to the sender, as a result of wills in Old banderolku all photos. Waiting for an answer now.
0 Palehin, January 24, 2014 at 05:15 #
No, I stole Zopo in the mail, came empty parcel. Wrote stated 4 times then pulled to sledak paper brought them all sorts, pulled up. Then he began to receive letters from the local police that sent my said in Moscow (because there allegedly stolen at customs), then a letter from Moscow, received and transferred to another department, then a letter from another department that took, but it not their problem pushpak express and stated going back to Novosibirsk. In short, exactly one year comes agenda. I went to the office and tell me - the prosecutor's office opened a criminal case regarding this theft, that read the papers and goodbye. That's six months passed, the silence. The second time in my life I write stated pushpak express cops and the second pushpak express time I regret, because I pulled a lot more than the culprit. The first time I was asked to do so as an expert on what to search computer-there case, I foolishly agreed. They had to bring a diploma and a copy of the work book (type work in the specialty). Then the witnesses sharilsya on my computer and wrote sledak what files I found. I then all LZC

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