Friday, February 14, 2014

Most of the large companies engaged in express delivery of parcels and freight, including - goods p

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Goszheldornadzor reminded owners of cars on the duty to see to it that were installed on the cars of plates - plates, which contain information on the place and date of construction of rolling stock, as well as the manufacture of castings. The supervisor promised to check how to perform traffic rules. Whether such a measure would help to strengthen road safety? Yes, it will make transportation safer No, it will not affect the safety Difficult to answer
Most of the large companies engaged in express delivery of parcels and freight, including - goods purchased by Russian citizens in foreign online stores are going to refuse to work with individuals with stricter customs clearance foreign parcels - told the news agency "RZD- PARTNER "a india express source in the market.
"Since early 2014, the Federal Customs Service has tightened customs clearance of express goods with goods for personal use, to the following individuals, - he explained. - The essence of innovation is that for an individual customs clearance is now required to provide india express the original statement from the bank to transfer money for goods purchased from the online store, the original contract with the customs agents, as well as a letter confirming personal goods. In addition, the need to provide a copy of your passport. " At the same time customs clearance will take place by filing a separate passenger customs declaration in respect of each express cargo and not the registry express cargo, as it was previously.
According to E. Privalov similar procedure would require a time-consuming part of the recipient, express carrier and of the customs authority, which makes a large number of customs clearance of express cargo in a short time is almost impossible.
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