Sunday, February 23, 2014

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Turtle's adventure fast delivery started way back February 18, 2007, First time boarding a plane, First Flight! said that they have mixed emotions told, ows? I feel that la hahaha! Anyway I served my family my relatives included, 2 car kidding us because we have an array eh, one big happy family to speak of them, they are sad because the family turtle first time far from them, as in far away who can not walk eh, hehehe, maybe because fast delivery they are unhappy U lost me, do not work with U I I know, I see U span the tide I'm stupid yet he claimed that hahaha! (Just Joking). So sad, they are the ones who turn away I'm going to the desert on the road just before Ma. Recto Cristina and I just now linalakbay Desert, who up-grade! As they are difficult to remove the things you're used to something, such as a family member suddenly elimination of having to migrate. In the parking lot just Biru biroan first start to shovel also dradrama later, especially Nung Yung cried Barker plane, "Jeddah! Jeddah! Little just filled fast delivery that! Dense small spread just to leave you!" What's this? Jeep rides? hehehe I cried more that the sloth sloth Barker Nung my U eh I said so just a turtle eh! Kelan Does accelerated motion of turtle? Yung Barker addictive hahaha kidding! Just joking, nothing Barker airport eh, I impenetrability immigration in the waiting area I just wait for them to carry a passenger on the plane, ie that which they say mixed emotions Yung, who was like you matatae Ewan, when you start to They let one of the plane in one of the passengers line up Nung incoming fast delivery tube I could almost eldest step my feet, the pain, the weight of feeling like my body ..... but I maihakbang my feet ........ really hard ... I'm fast delivery accosted Nung guards dun I just found out that trampling turned follows me Yung shoelace maihakbang eldest so I turned my feet, I followed ogag kidding Yung, hehehe, when I saw Yung I sit down and you start a working Yung plane, I said I hoped persuade just cried and went out with Devon Sawa so just do not yell and do not even turn Devon Sawa, maybe just my imagination because yun 1 week before I left I watched Final Destination 1 encouragement :) long trip about 10 hours Nung the plane landed at King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah, first peek out the window maybe other places I visited But when I notice concentrated worms eldest letter and understand the words ... this is it! my adventure starts!
2012 (3) January (1) January (2) 2011 (8) August (2) October (3) October (1) April (2) Random pics ... My Adventure Partner's .. . First Flight

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