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Aharon Barak studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, law, international relations and econom

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Czech Constitutional Court today 10:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. hours organized jointly with the Embassy of the State of Israel colloquium on the theme of human rights and dignity. sledovanie zasielok The keynote speaker will be Professor Aharon Barak (אהרן ברק), former chairman of the Israeli Supreme Court (בית המשפט העליון). Loved and hated, but certainly unmistakable personality of Israeli law.
Aharon Barak was born Aharon Brick September 16, 1936 in Kaunas (Kovno), the former capital of Lithuania. After the Nazi occupation, the Soviets had already occupied Lithuania, sledovanie zasielok Barak's family spent three years in Kovensky ghetto. After the war, the family sledovanie zasielok prior to Hungary and Austria sledovanie zasielok came to Italy and lived two years in Rome. In 1947 he received permission to moving out to the Land of Israel, and after a short stay in Moshav settled in Jerusalem.
Aharon Barak studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, law, international relations and economics, and in 1958 earned his Bachelor of Laws. From 1958 to 1960 he graduated from compulsory military service, sledovanie zasielok where he worked in the Financial Advisor Chief of Staff. Then he continued studying law at the Hebrew University, where in 1963 completed a doctoral dissertation, and then after treatment at the General Prosecutor became a lawyer.
Between 1966 and 1967 Barak studied at Harvard sledovanie zasielok University. Since 1968 he became professor of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and in 1974 the dean of the law school. In 1975 he was awarded the Israel Prize for legal research and in the same year he became a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences.
From 1975 to 1978 Barak served as Attorney Israel, where he became known uncompromising sledovanie zasielok prosecution of corruption. In 1978 it appointed Prime Minister Menachem Begin legal advisor of the Israeli delegation at the peace negotiations sledovanie zasielok with Egypt.
Since 1978, Aharon Barak became a judge of the Supreme Court, the youngest ever in its history. Since 1993, he was Vice Chairman and from 1995-2006 Chairman of the tribunal. In its decision-making practice is guided by the principle of judicial activism, according to which the court should not only apply the law in force, but they can create citing a "gap in the law." He formulated or significantly influenced by a series of decisions in the fight against terrorism, Israel position in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, compensation claims and political and economic rights of the Arab inhabitants of the Land of Israel and the so-called positive discrimination Israeli military veterans and minorities.
In its approach to the law, when unscrupulous exceeds the traditional boundaries of separation of powers and judicial decisions interfering with the powers of the executive and legislative, were more measured continuously been criticized lawyers. Rejection of a number of experts and laymen was his projection sledovanie zasielok of personal political views - often more left-wing than most of Israel's population - in judicial decisions. On the other hand, the largest Barak's critics have always recognized the extent of his knowledge and insight.
As part of the colloquium will also Vice-President Emeritus of the Constitutional Court Elizabeth Wagner, for which - as the press release of the Constitutional Court - "the doctrine of judicial activism, one of the inspirations for the judicial practice and publications, and by Aharon sledovanie zasielok Barak associated with personal friendship."
Uff, I have concerns? When I read it mildly leftist? So to have an attitude like: yes, we want two states and the IDF is really bad and does bad things ... Or agree with the policy of "land for peace"? Sorry, I know him and I do not know anything about him. Just wondering what to expect sledovanie zasielok from him.
Concerns have do not have to. Aharon Barak is above all a man with great views. I do not know how the author meant by "leftism", but what I know so much emphasis on individual human rights, whether proprietary or personal. During the conflict security claims and urged individual state's safety requirements justify.
For example, the author (or co-author) of the current legal approach to the settlement of Judea and Samaria, the so-called "settlers" have to prove that they legally acquired sledovanie zasielok the land and action against them can successfully submit the one who alone can not prove that he is the owner of the property. It is one of two possible approaches, more rigorous approach to those who seizes possession. Conversely, it was argued that if someone is unable to prove that he is the owner (or was not authorized holder) of land and is not entitled successfully sue anyone who uses the land, simply because he is simply one piece of land uses, nothing is .
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