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She said that the new Civil Code imposes no deadline by which the property is to unite. But so long

In the Czech Republic has ten percent of buildings other than the owner of the land on which it stands. The new Civil Code wants to merge different ownership. Therefore ordered that each time the upcoming sale of the house or plot one owner must first make an offer to the other according to the pre-emptive rights. According to experts, but the process of merging with hundreds of real estate ownership can still take up to a hundred years.
"Optimists predict that combining different ownership of land and buildings will last 70 years, pessimists believe that it may be up to a hundred years," said the head of the Office of the Land Registry Office for the City. Prague JUDr. Daniela Šustrová to professional legal seminar in Prague. brisbane transport
She said that the new Civil Code imposes no deadline by which the property is to unite. But so long will exercise a duty on transactions of pre-emption rights to the property eventually merge.
The new Civil Code, 506, paragraph 1 literally states that "part of the land is the space above the surface and below the surface structures created brisbane transport on the land and other facilities (the building) with the exception of temporary buildings, including what is embedded in the site or mounted in the walls. " The same owner: change is automatic
If the building and the land owned by one person, and since January has not two separate things (land-building). "From this moment, therefore, it will be possible to have only the land, all these dispositions will also apply to buildings brisbane transport located there (exception will apply to the temporary construction)," said the authors of the Code on .
According Šustrová this land has been a change in your listings automatically performed. Computers took almost two days before the change in ownership of the leaves reflected. brisbane transport Cadastral officials recommend owners to consider this statutory change rather not have checked. Key Section 3056
If you are building a different land owner and 3056 of the new Civil Code establishes the land owner an option to purchase the building, as well as owner of the structure of pre-emption rights to the land (or the relevant part of the land) on which the building stands.
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