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Make a list of damaged items and all you nafotí, then go for the culprit and ask him whether he goe

Financial Advice: A good neighbor will damage? Find out what you are entitled Not everyone has the good fortune and easygoing neighbors. In addition, a lot of people do not even know what to do when a tenant occupying an apartment above them, heats up, or when their neighbor's garden clogs branches.
The most common accident that happens in the home is heating up - either because of a burst pipe, tap dysfunctional or damaged hoses for washing machines. If you have this situation through dtdc no fault occurs, it is first necessary to thoroughly document everything.
Make a list of damaged items and all you nafotí, then go for the culprit and ask him whether he goes to look for damage also. If a good neighbor, pleads guilty and cooperate. If the liability insurance for damages, no problem, because all the costs associated with repairing the insurance company will pay. If insurance does not, it is good practice to agree, for example, that you come to redecorate the room and damaged materials required to purchase from your. When a neighbor refuses to admit guilt
But it can also happen that it is such a decent acting beyond his power, and in this case you have the following options: If you have a closed household insurance, it pays you money for repairs and repair damage insurance, while it may recover damages for neighbor. If uninsured household ia neighbor refuses to cooperate, you will have to go to court with an action for damages. But before Warn the neighbors and explain to him that if the court wins (and chances are that this will actually dtdc happen), its costs increase. It will no longer have to pay only the necessary repairs, but also be court costs or fees in professional valuers. Repairs will be carried out in addition your chosen company, which it also is more expensive than if you painted yourself or invite this business to a friend. When you have someone injured you
If you have liability insurance for damage, you do not solve anything - damage repair company, and it all pays the insurance company. If you do not have insurance (be careful, your home insurance will not cover the foreign household), you can offer a neighbor that he damaged paint the wall, or his painting and other repairs will pay. If vytopíte parallel to the neighbor and yourself, dtdc in this case goes damages from your home insurance. dtdc Branches, apples, et al.
On neighborly relations headed imaginary finger, the new Civil Code and brought several changes. For example: you do not know what to do with apples and leaves that to you regularly operate from a neighboring garden? From January belongs all that is on earth will. Apples, so you can feel free to eat as well, such as currant or raspberry fallen to the ground, but also leaves you have to rake up yourself.
The good news is that you can get rid of unwanted dtdc tree branches that extend to you and restrict you from using your land, for example, there will cast a shadow you because dtdc at this point you can not grow anything themselves. You should first tree owner in writing to supply itself is trimmed. If not, you can gently (so it will not break or pour poison for example) and in the appropriate dtdc season (ideally in winter during dtdc dormancy) crop alone.
It often happens dtdc that some homeowners or land rid of grass and leaves that are burning, odor and annoy you. In this case, contact the local authority that has jurisdiction to impose a ban on burning grass and leaves in a municipal dtdc decree. In the extreme case, ie if the neighbor is burning regularly and in large quantities, you can file a lawsuit to court and ask the neighbors to this activity banned.
Corresponds to your questions from Martin Spacek Sfinance.cz. We bought an apartment with her husband, dtdc daughter. She's only twenty and not too responsible, and so we think that we concluded it some insurance dtdc in case they caused themselves or neighbors some damage due to negligence. It is better to insure household, or just property? Property insurance, or building should provide housing cooperative or association of owners. Find out if it in fact did, and also to inquire about specific conditions. It happens that the administration underestimates the regular updating of the house fuses, or that the sum insured is too low. This insurance covers dtdc the building, its building components (including dtdc windows and doors) and common parts of the property (elevator or stairs). If your contract does not seem right, it would be prudent to insure dwelling units separately. Otherwise, closing only household insurance to cover any furnishings (furniture, electronics, dtdc valuables ...), but also painting, flooring, fireplace and built-in furniture. If, for example daughter left the water running in the apartment, the damage would be paid from insurance. But beware: the home insurance can only cover damage caused in their own homes. If the daughter Vytopil and neighbors, the damage would be paid from insurance in everyday life, dealing damage to other people. It can be concluded simultaneously with household insurance, some insurance companies

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