Monday, June 23, 2014

Regarding the conditions of measurement. international parcel service Act 416 does not address the

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Pavel Nemec (party member) has a birthday today. Congratulations! Jakub Hasek (party member) has a birthday today. Congratulations! Dr.. Ludek Niedermayer (MEP) added a new article Czech euro bulbs Ing. Charles Capon (Senator) answered international parcel service the question of choice Ing. George Dolejš (MEP) answered the question of which of the nedorovnává early retirement? Aleksandra Udženija (regional development Praha 2 [Praha]) international parcel service added a new article Give us a chance international parcel service to solve Prague, we have resolved themselves Region Central added a new article Josef Řihák resigned as Governor of the Central Region
Mr President, ladies, international parcel service gentlemen, I have the speed he wrote a few notes and I will try to explain and refute some of the objections that have been here.
What concerns and fears sixteen times that each citizen will wait for šestnáctinásobek automatically and will not pay the proposed deadlines and bonuses that are the responsibility of the director of investor organizations. I would like to remind you that we still have a law here and our proposal does not interfere with the institute expropriation. This means we have an obligation to wait for the offer sixteen times, but in justified cases, we can get right into the process of expropriation. What he is justified in case I get in his presentation on one story.
They say - Act 416, if it is agricultural or other land. Indeed Act 416 deals with the purchase of agricultural and forestry land and this land is purchased by the how is registered in the land register. This means that law, which was adopted in 2009, settled one important thing - to prevent speculation. It worked out so that it was buying agricultural land by a land use plan is then sold as a building. This Act prevented this and we do not change this principle, ie. still talking about farmland.
As for the number of expropriation. (A lot of noise in the hall.)'m Sorry, but I do not live here reports on the number of expropriation, just know that the R35, which was mentioned here, the order is a potentially hundreds of expropriation proceedings. However, the last time here I have one piece of information for you that you did a comparison. Bypass Cologne, Road 1/38, there were 72 cases of expropriation of 104 cadastral international parcel service parcels and the process took four years. So if we go to the expropriation proceedings and will generally respected judicial deadlines, international parcel service so we are talking in the order of years. This is not to accelerate the construction of transport and transport infrastructure. This is the final stop. Plus the cost of citizens and state costs in administrative proceedings.
Regarding the amendments to the Act, we propose that the existing double the maximum international parcel service šestnáctinásobek. We do not make any other changes. We restrict to three-fourths of the cost of construction and land prices in the usual places.
Regarding the conditions of measurement. international parcel service Act 416 does not address the valuation methods. Even here there is no change. This is a question to other legislation.
And now I would like to tell you a story where the šestnáctinásobek and why it is so. Earlier, before the effective date of this Act, shall be sold agricultural and forestry land in the order of a hundred crowns, ranging from 120 to 250 crowns. Choose an example that c

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