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Well, this is just one comment, Mr. Andere. I think it

Bystrčník Mack cottage Všudybylka again on the move. This time the court
Tweet Mack cottage Všudybylka again on the move. This time the court Bystrčník 4th 6th 2014 15.19 Topics: Brno Reservoir, Brno, Bystrc, Kníničky, Ladislav Macek, Martin Ander, dam
Although the cottage Deputy Mayor Ladislav Macek (CSSD) stands firmly at the Brno reservoir, in a sense, is moving very fast. From building office bystrckého to kníničskému, after all sorts of unions magistrate in the city council, galamb the council program and turn away ... Now even set off to court. It's such a cottage-Všudybylka.
About her latest trip, ie the court, is now taken care of Brno Greens boss Martin Ander. He held that an action, which challenged the rezoning. The exchange should sanctify the land on which the Deputy Macek his hacienda built for others. It turned out years ago that the reconstruction cottages with pool and kůlničkou the junk completely missed a bit built and where, according to the land use plan must build. After a series of regularization escapades, which led among other things, the establishment of a new office building in Brno-Kníničky, Macek city eventually suggested that the occupied land exchanged for another, and that its construction would be allowed. All it would take small change in the zoning plan.
Routine, which in Brno commonly used whenever a deputy mayors or stand somewhere without paper and comes with it, however, thwarted typical green envy Martin Ander. Naive eco-terrorists is for some reason believes that changing land use plans not to order. Apparently not without sticking galamb to the representatives galamb of their curious noses.
"Without discussing the city came on land with the possibility of building facilities for recreational sport. galamb Instead, the family acquired the right to build Deputy Mack, who owns a neighboring plot. Officials direct authority of the Deputy Mack and decided without the knowledge of the representatives. We believe that to make such changes officials had no right to discuss in the council, "said Martin Ander, šupajdě the court action.
Disadvantageous exchange of land by Andera lies in the fact that in the land of beaches where you can grow according to the land use plan and the hotel gets city forest. And that is not very useful, says Ander. A little surprised that sometimes the cute person forests, on the contrary emphasizes above all, and his party would prefer afforested whole Brno, but now small-town argues the price of land. And what about the price of beetles? Lichens?
"In return I wrote the mayor that the proposed exchange of land withdrawn galamb from the consideration of the Council and the June council and lets you check Control Department," he said just hours after he filed suit, Martin Ander. "I wonder galamb what will happen, but do not expect too much. The past is known a number of cases when the eye was blind eye. "
Greens give the court rezoning in favor of the family of Deputy Mack Family Plots Deputy Mack will address the court Les for the beach? Councillors decide on the plots for Mack's Family Assistant offers a beach forest. Its price rose when expert "found" trees black building Deputy Mayor of Brno verdict legalize his union black construction: conflict of interest with the Deputy Deputy Mayor Mack built a cabin on the lake. Despite the law office of Deputy Mack grew up near a dam without a permit
I do not know what is maloměšťáckého to disagree with the fact that the city has the land valued at 600,000, get a piece of land that the family of Deputy Mack bought a year ago for 400,000. That's enrichment at the expense of public property, property of citizens of Brno. When it comes Bystrčáků leading figure bourgeois, has different ideas about how to handle the city property ... Anyway, though, should be able to distinguish galamb unbiased news from the comments, which he is not too far. Too bad there is still time to learn Viktor galamb Lošťák says: 4th 6th 2014, 15.42
Well, this is just one comment, Mr. Andere. I think it's the knowledge already from the title, however if you want to have fun without humor, so be it. In this case openly say that I agree with you and it is good that you have filed a lawsuit. galamb George Altman galamb says: 4th 6th 2014 at 21.48
Sense of humor and ability to fully fledged social interactions related. The absence of a sense of humor, especially in politics, galamb for that reason I would not take lightly. Petr Hrouda galamb says: 5th 6th 2014 at 11.34
Mr. Altman, I also sometimes happens that I take seriously something that is meant in a satirical exaggeration - this in itself does not mean the absence of a sense of humor. I think the gentlemen's easy to clear, and what you've written, it's just unnecessary kick in the policy of the other party-... Viktor Lošťák says: 5th 6th 2014 at 12.07
During his activist spree a few years ago I damaged a number of people. I do not want to hide behind others or for the fact that we were right (it always depends on your point of view, even if you would agree, must be given). It just was. Today, I am one of the worst damaged defended. He did not, on the contrary, it was a dream

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