Thursday, June 26, 2014

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The kitchen, ego couriers which you do not like, replace, move the door for grown children can built up the floor. But what will never change it is the land on which your house is worth. When we decided to build, ego couriers we knew that the most difficult decisions ahead of us in the introduction, ego couriers namely: to choose ego couriers the right place. How to choose the right piece of land among the thousands?
The answer is - hard. Find the perfect piece of land is like finding ego couriers a good husband or wife. It is therefore more about how to avoid fatal errors. Search property we spent about three months, but honestly - it usually is not enough. We perhaps it did and do not regret. But it was a combination ego couriers of great happiness and that when we do not have to purchase the land and look at the price back to us because they secure the money from the sale of the cottage. Different land we went through 10th From the perspective of local real estate and offers maps seemed almost ego couriers perfect, but it was enough time to spot in 9 cases we know that there are simply ego couriers not feeling well. Determine your priorities, whether you know what you want
Anything else is looking ego couriers for someone who has young children, ego couriers wants a large garden, is a social and athletic, and anything else one who wants to enjoy a peaceful old age. We belong to the first group and new home had to be available due to work commitments convenient half hour away from work, the site had to be schools, kindergartens and trade. We finally managed to get hold of the land, which in itself combine the convenience of the city and the poetics of the village, but is a suburb district of the city with the forest around the corner. Beware of hidden pitfalls ego couriers
Once you have selected location, you will enjoy it most difficult to choose the one plot. Developers are mostly because no troškaři and in our case the former field "They cut" equal 40 One type of suitable land has access from the north, the other south. Access from the north seemed like the layout better. We got the living room is oriented as well as a garden in front of them to the south, which has long been the preferred option. It would, however, need to grapple with a large slope, which was quite limiting, in addition it was necessary ego couriers to solve the drainage of waste water pumping and sump pump. So we decided to approach from the south and we have no regret. Although we have a terrace on the west and north towards the garden, but surprisingly we the only ones who indulge all summer breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors. Most of the "southern sun lovers" has all shades and cloudy day on the terrace you will find up to the evening, when it's fading heat of the sun allows.
When selecting land also sincerely suggest you visit the relevant planning authority, you should be after a few years, found out that a hundred meters behind your house will build a feeder for the intended speed communication. Also on the air map of the site. We almost booked plot, next to which was hidden behind a thick hedge shop metallurgical material. We did not want to be woken up by roar hitting steel pipes and moved up their interest ego couriers in a plot of about a hundred yards away. It is also good to ask the seller or the construction office of the future situation of networks, communications, etc. Just because we found that our second ranked preselected ego couriers land would side with a dedicated place for containers for recycling. The sound of breaking glass is even more annoying ego couriers than the fall of the steel pipe and so we have moved a hundred yards away. But even our third choice was the right one plot was in fact already two hours! booked by someone else. Subsequently launched a war of nerves on the fourth favored plot, which we luckily won. 6 Tips for choosing the land Determine your main priority and neslevujte of them. Meet the Building ego couriers Act No. 183/2006 Coll. , And Decree 501/2006 Coll. , For instance, the minimum distance between two family houses. For the construction of a detached house with a recommended minimum plot size of 800 meters, perfectly rectangular. ego couriers Make sure that the land can be built at all. Ask the Building Authority for any construction limits, regulations, refer to the land use plan. Visit the land registry office to see if the land does not lie easements or collateral. Are you solving expensive water, you want a swimming pool and a well planned? ego couriers Find out whether and where the spring.
If your selected site passed all tests, it is time to think about how to build a house on the property. Most people still chooses několikasetstránkových house of colorful catalogs. Do not try to fit the "somehow" house on the property, but rather adapted to house property, its surroundings and the compass. ego couriers More and more people therefore ego couriers before selecting ego couriers a property selects the correct architect srdcaře who understands them. In his quest to follow his real references rather than a fascinating website. The architect is the right person to materialize your dream a reality. Should you first listen carefully, ego couriers ask questions about your habits, daily rhythm, whether you are sociable and rather seek peace. One of the first visits therefore leads right to the land.
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