Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Representatives of Prague 4 in the middle of almost two hours discussing the statements boss Prague

Representatives of Prague 4 in the middle of almost two hours discussing the statements boss Prague's green and Petr Stepanek representatives dx delivery to meet with citizens. dx delivery On it some councilors called it "crap". Mayor Paul Aldrich (bezp.) after it demanded an apology, Stepanek according to him violated the Code of representatives. Stepanek said that his statements were not related to decent councilors and the term "shoddy" referred to the seller. dx delivery Representatives followed by its resolution Stepanek invited to draw the breach of the code of personal dx delivery and political responsibility. "His statements violated the code of ethics councilor," he said at the Aldrich. His view was supported by some representatives of the coalition parties. In Prague 4, ruled by a coalition of ODS, the Social Democrats and independents. Stepankova statements solved representatives at the third meeting in a row. Meeting with citizens was held in January this year at the ILF in Krči. Councillor's some of my colleagues called it "crap" and spoke about corruption at City Hall, "mafia practices" and that some councilors "are able to bribe the judge." Stepanek at the meeting dx delivery questioned the authenticity of the recording. "I would like to verify the authenticity of the writing and recording., I really do not know to what extent this thing authentic. This meeting happened and there fell a lot of words. dx delivery My words were not about decent representatives, dx delivery those sorry," said Stepanek. The word scum allegedly used in context-forced sales - it is said Hall did when homeowners to terminate a contract for the lease of the land under them and forced dx delivery them to buy plots. On the President SZ stood Representatives of civil society and councilor Daniel Kunc Iva anchor (SZ). "None of the representatives I've seen. Actually there who was taking the footage? To you we do not go too secretly and not filming you. Wonder who rewrote the record," said anchor (SZ). The topics identified for the loss of time and pillory. Kunc then stated that Stepanek only call a spade a spade.
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