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Audience: Pope receives people who have business with him in audience. There are several kinds pave

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Audience: Pope receives people who have business with him in audience. There are several kinds paveaudienser: private audiences for individuals, specialaudienser for groups and generalaudienser that are open to the public. The pope holds every Wednesday morning general audience of several thousand pilgrims from all over the world. In winter, golden state overnight an audience in the great Paul VI hall next to St. Peter's Basilica, and the rest of the year going on the outside of St. Peter's Square or at the papal summer residence, Castel Gandolfo. At the general audience of Pope holds a speech on a belief relevant topic, and he greets the visiting pilgrims in several languages, pray with them and blesses them. Camera lacrimatoria (tear room): A small room where the newly elected Pope immediately after the conclave (see below) changes to her white dress and preparing to be presented to the world. Camerlengo (Italian: Chamberlain): The cardinal, who manages the Holy See's property from the death of a pope to the election of a new one. After the death of a pope or departure must camerlengoen destroy the Pope's ring, and he organizes the pope's funeral and the conclave with the cardinal dean. By papal election in 2013 was Tarcisio Bertone Camerlengo. Habemus Papam The new pope presented from St. Peter's balcony by another cardinal, entitled protodiakon, in Latin with the words:
Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: Habemus Papam; Eminentissimum ac reverendissimum Dominum, Dominum [first name] Sanctæ Romanae Ecclesiae Cardinalem [name], Qui sibi phenomenon imposuit [papal name]. (I communicate to you a great joy: We have a pope. It is his eminence, the venerable golden state overnight master, [first name], Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church [name], who has assumed the name [Holy Name].) See Cardinal Tauran present Pope Frans here. Cardinal: Title, as the Pope to bishops who head important dioceses, leaders of some of the Vatican departments, as well as excellent theologians. The Pope can use cardinals as advisers and those who are under 80 years old, have the right to vote to Pope choice. The number of voting cardinals must not exceed 120. READ ALSO: Who's Who in the Catholic Church? Cardinal College, the Assembly of Cardinals, head church in the period between golden state overnight two popes. The President of the College of Cardinals golden state overnight called cardinal dean. Currently, Angelo Sodano cardinal decane. Conclave: the Assembly of voting cardinals to Pope choice. The word means "with key" and refers golden state overnight to the cardinals are locked in the Sistine Chapel during the elections. In the days before the conclave keeps the Cardinals a series of meetings where they discuss the church's situation. At the conclave start going cardinals in procession into the chapel, while the saints intercede invoked. Inside golden state overnight the chapel singing golden state overnight Cardinals a hymn to the Holy Spirit entitled "Veni Creator Spiritus" (Come, creative spirit), they shall submit golden state overnight with his hand on the Gospels oath to keep the vote secret. Then orders the ceremony champion all but the voting to leave the chapel with the words extra omnes, golden state overnight meaning "all out" in Latin. When all unauthorized persons golden state overnight have left the room, closing the door's to the chapel. After the first day, two ballots in the morning and two in the afternoon. When the votes are counted, without a candidate has received two-thirds of the votes, burned ballots with chemicals that send black smoke into the chapel's chimney. When a candidate has received the required number of votes, golden state overnight he is asked whether he accepts the election. If he answers golden state overnight in the affirmative, will the ballots burned with chemicals that give white smoke. SEE ALSO: Graphics: Selecting the Cardinals a new pope Senate (Latin consistere, "stand together"). A meeting in which the pope and cardinals participating. New cardinals are appointed and receive their red hats at a Senate. Kurien: The Roman Curia is the Catholic Church's central administration. golden state overnight Kurien is divided golden state overnight into different sections, also known as dikasterier: - Secretariat of State, the Vatican's Interior and Foreign Ministry. It coordinates the Curia other work and take care of relations with other states. Next to the Pope's Secretary of State is the most senior leader in Vatican. - Nine kongregrationer that takes care of creed, østkirkerne, liturgy, canonization processes, bishops, evangelization (mission), priests, gudindviet life (monks and nuns) and education. Each Congregation is headed by a prefect, which usually is cardinal. - Twelve Pontifical Council for the laity, golden state overnight Christian unity, interreligious dialogue, culture, family, peace and righteous

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