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If the aim of bringing the boys walk Lmha-Vishnu, Krishna was not waiting until the ninth son

Stories of Krishna: Chapter 90 - Conclusion exploits of Krishna | Yoga of Love
Percent of all astonishment of his visit with Krishna in the spiritual world, Arjuna thought that he was being a total of normal life, by the grace of Krishna he got to see for himself the spiritual world. And in the spiritual fast delivery world is also seen in the Mha-and there is the original cause of material creation.
Said Krishna does not leave and Rindaoon world. And Rindaonm Fritig'ih Nh Fadm Akm Gtz'tz'hti. Krishna is the supreme Bmthora. Is a higher Bdoarka, and most top Boorindaoon. The story Bdoarka it performs through its expansion Coasodoh, although fast delivery there really a difference between expansion Coasodoh Krishna Boorindaoon original appearance. We have already explained at the beginning of the book that when Krishna fast delivery appears, come with him also all Htgloiotio, absolute parts, and parts of absolute parts. fast delivery So how exploits are made, not by the original Krishna, but by Htgloiotio different. In any case, Arjuna very puzzled how Krishna could reach the spiritual world and see where the Mha-Vishnu. This is discussed in detail in the note and Isonathh Tz'krorti Thakorh.
Mha's words-and there appears to have been very eager to see Krishna. But after he grabbed my son Hbrahmnh, it came Ldoarka. Why he did not see Krishna there? One possible answer is that without the approval of Krishna, even Mha-man lying in the sea and there is a reason in the spiritual world is not able to see him. He got then, one by one the children Hbrahmnh fast delivery soon after birth, to make Krishna himself to come and get them back, so he could see it. If this is the answer, the next question that gets asked is: Why Mha-and there come himself Ldoarka if he could not see where the Krishna? Why not send one of his companions to kidnap the children? One possible answer is not easy in the presence of Krishna hurt the people of Doarka. Therefore, only Mha-Vishnu himself could perform the task of kidnapping.
Another question that can be asked: Sovereign known Cbrhmnih-Doh, or object bowing of Hbrahmnim, why then, he chose to lay Brahmnh such terrible hardships and constant grief lost nine children? The answer fast delivery is Smha-and there was so eager to see Krishna, fast delivery that did not hesitate even cause mental anguish fast delivery Lbrahmnh. Even such a forbidden act he was right to make and only show the Krishna-so strong was his desire. And Hbrahmnh, fast delivery each time after having lost a son, he went to the gate of the palace, accusing the king of being helpless and inability to protect Hbrahmnim, and therefore not suited at all to sit on the throne. According to the plan of Mha-and there, these accusations of Hbrahmnh against Hkstriiot and Krishna fast delivery Krishna will have to come to him and bring the children.
And here's another question: Since Smha-and there could not see Krishna, how could force him, with the theft of children, to come to him? The answer is that Krishna went there in fact, to restore the lost boys, but for Arjuna. Their friendship was very close, and when Arjuna was about to jump into the fire, Krishna wanted to protect him at all costs. However, since only the return of lost boys could prevent the act, Krishna promised then: I will answer the members Hbrahmnh, just do not try to kill himself
If the aim of bringing the boys walk Lmha-Vishnu, Krishna was not waiting until the ninth son's fast delivery disappearance. Arjuna's decision to jump into the fire after a failed attempt to protect the ninth child has turned extremely serious situation caused Krishna and decide to see Mha-Vishnu. Arjuna said Uno is a revelation of Nrh-Narainh; Sometimes he even called it. Nrh-Narainh he is an absolute revelation or expansion of Vishnu, and therefore should be understood that Arjuna went to this aspect and there, just as Krishna perform the story Bdoarka obscene nor Coasodoh.
After this visit in the spiritual world Arjuna concluded that every person has the splendor in which the material or the spiritual world is a gift of Krishna. Krishna revealed different characters-Vishnu-Tttoh and Cg'ioh-Tttoh, or Csoamsh and Oibhinnamsh. Vishnu-Tttoh are Soamsh, and Hg'ioh-Tttoh are and Ibhinnamsh. Krishna participant therefore lofty exploits at Csoamsh or in part Coibhinnamsh, will, however, always remains the original God is personal.
Nineties chapter of the tenth book of Hsrimd Bhagotm concludes the story of Krishna. In this chapter Sokdoh Gosoami asked to describe how Krishna fast delivery lived Bdoarka most splendor and joy. The strength lot Hgosoami been described many adventures, and now he will describe the richness and beauty. In the material world, which is a total of distorted reflection of the spiritual world, degrees of wealth and beauty are considered wonders degrees. Therefore, when Krishna spent on earth, there was a similar richness and beauty in all three worlds. Krishna enjoyed sixteen thousand beautiful women. In particular he highlighted Bsrimd Bhagotm Their owner was the only one of the sixteen thousand of these the beautiful kingdom. Of course, the history of the world were powerful kings who held hundreds of thousands of women and their husbands were the only ones. But none of these could not enjoy his wives all at once. While Krishna could.
And if we say Shiogim able to expand the number of characters, fast delivery different from expansion of Krishna, so Krishna fast delivery is sometimes called Iogsorh, or Lord of Hiogim. Vedic literature is described, for example Shiogi Sobhri Moni expanded to eight characters. However, these figures were as expansion of one image many TV screens. The picture on the TV screen may appear in millions of copies, but such copies fast delivery are not able to act independently; They all reflect the original and do exactly what he does. Krishna is not a material fast delivery expands such as television image expansion or widening fast delivery of the Hiogi; When Nardh

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