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Travelcard - Travelka ticket is reusable and you can buy it for one day a week, miesici year (no bi Login for blog
Travelcard - Travelka ticket is reusable and you can buy it for one day a week, miesici year (no biletw weekend). the courier This may be a paper ticket, or you can go on your Oyster the courier writing.
Travelka in areas of London does not include directions to Airports in Luton, Stansted and Gatwick, although they are to the airport in the name London, is lying far beyond the city limits and even called. Greater London. City and Heathrow airports are covered by the zones, and you can use them to commute to Travelek or Oysterek, JADC metro, bus (the Piccadilly Line to Heathrow), bus and DLR (for City), you can not to use the Heathrow Express their (pocigu odjedajcym from Paddington) - here you have to buy a separate ticket, if you want to go Premium this expres.
Peak time or peak hours in transport - this time during the day when it is the largest course, because people venom to work, a school that later from work and school that like. Peak time to time before hours 9:30 from Monday to Friday and between 16:00 and 19:00 for the one-time fee on weekdays.
Each Travelka (one-day or batch) is valid until 4:30 am the next day - so Eby mc home wrci night bus. Metro and railways the courier in most dieback in the area pnocy. S plans to introduce caodobowe metro and to the beginning is so that on the weekends.
Travelki periodic (season tickets) have validity date Initial and blankets, and are also important for 4:30 after wyganicia Travelki ie for example. It If you wan Travelk until 10 February this if you want wrci night bus home, YOU can do it until 4:30 am the next day that is 11 February.
Travelk can be bought for 7 days before the date on ktrym want it uy, or from the date of ktrym has a start - choose from when you want to wana and how much. Weekly Travelka (Important 7 days) that start with eg. On Friday 2 January and is valid until 8 January on Thursday, but still wrcimy home the night bus to 4:30 pi Friday 9 th. Monthly Travelka that start with eg. On Jan. 20 will wana to 19 February and znwzt option to 4:30 am the next day to night returns to the home, hotel, etc.
For daily and weekly Travelek paper (printed tickets) do not you need to have the so-called "photocards" - a special card with a photograph companion important seasonal pass for the month or large. the courier On the one hand ukrci May they borrow one yourself biletw seasonal, with the second if you lose or you steal this ticket, theoretically without this "photocard" it will not be you can use because, as a punishment the courier stares fastened. To Tavelek paper and annual miesicznych need to form his "photocard". the courier Mona writing Travelk monthly and annual Oysterce but then Oysterka must be registered.
Travelki are sold at all metro stations at ticket counters, (although the current mayor of London has a plan to close the ticket offices the courier at metro stations - such stupid pomysy him up after put their heads szwdaj), in Slot (s instruction in Polish), at railway stations, in stores - kiosks marked with a stamp or TfL Oyster, and of course the Internet.
Travelki paper placed into the gateway in one hole on the front, and then she got us wyazi on the game by the second hole and you need her to take away - then opens a gateway - a clever trick that people do not leave your ticket in. As ticket you get stuck, then you need vocational the courier worker - better to keep the purchase bill, because it is on the ticket and ktry easily find yours. The buses anything Travelk not touch the paper element - you show the driver and validity dates already.
The gates are sensors and as one who loads the overtime is a can has been cropped and found to be free riders. Note - if you are going through for what, it does not touch his cards and do not put your ticket the courier before he will not go, because YOU can niechccy he was prepared for passage. If who has a problem and it will light up red warning, and you touch and read your Oysterk or contactless card or paper Travelka go and light up green - they before you tap and you up in his face gate closes. You need a assistant will tumaczy. Hiking up slowly as bee proverb says.
One day NEWS Travelki and sequels - prices in the table at the bottom of the entry: Paper liquidated one-day Travelki 1-2 zones 1-4 zones can only buy the paper element in the type of one-day Travelk Anytime and it costs now 12 pounds. Anytime Travelka Day 1-6 zones remains unchanged 17 pounds. Off Peak Day Travelka 1-6 zones Parliament increased to 12 pounds the courier for an adult, children 6 pounds. Dziecice Travelki costing one-day Travelki Half the price for an adult
Oyster - is a plastic reusable ticket, you can Travelk writing the courier on her weekly, monthly and annual basis. These can be naadowa yourself the money ipaci for each ride - this is called "pay the courier as you go"

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