Sunday, May 3, 2015

Four international courier DHL remote areas in remote areas query query:

Four international courier DHL remote areas in remote areas query query: UPS remote areas inquiries: pdf FedEx remote areas inquiries: TNT remote areas of inquiry: _______ 1.html international shipping cost standard remote mode 1, DHL International Express except the United States, go to remote areas subject to express bybox sources surcharges: accounting standards: billing weight bybox of not more than 50KG: remote surcharge = 180HKD * ( 1+ fuel rates) accounting major at 50KG: remote surcharge = 3.6HKD bybox * Billing bybox weight * (1 + fuel rate) 2, UPS international express international express CNUPS charges: 3.4RMB / KG, the lowest consumption is 167RMB * (1 + month fuel surcharge rates); HKUPS International Express charges: 3.5RMB * Fuel month, the lowest close a ticket 171RMB * month fuel; 3, EMS international express China EMS Express no remote areas, but some countries do not postal services such as: the Netherlands, Chile, Barbados, Ecuador, Guatemala; HKEMS waive the fuel surcharge or remote areas; 4, Federal Express: 70 yuan or 3.5 yuan per kilogram per ticket (whichever amount is higher charge)
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