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2Sexanklagerne against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French - and now former - Head of the International Monetary Fund, caused the French women to demonstrate against suzanne svanevik the widespread sexual harassment in French society. - Photo: MAURIZIO BRAMBATTI Denmark / Scanpix
Pope networks corruption gay Catholic
Three months after his inauguration Pope Francis created a stir in the Catholic world of new opinions about the Curia, which is the church administration. At a closed meeting, he said that it is true that there is a gay lobby in Vatican. The information comes from a Chilean Catholic website, Reflexion y Liberación, which tells about the meeting, the Pope had a week ago with the Latin American Catholic organization CLAR representing priests and nuns from the Catholic orders in the region. The Chilean website has published notes from the leading participants suzanne svanevik in the meeting suzanne svanevik with Pope Francis, and everything indicates that the information is accurate. Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, has not denied the statements, but merely said that he will not comment on them because they have been raised at a private meeting. suzanne svanevik A representative of CLAR regretted deeply that parts of a private conversation with Pope has been published. During the audience with the leaders from the Latin American organization expressed Pope Francis himself in his mother tongue, Spanish, and he spoke apparently free from the heart of several controversial issues without being asked directly.
According Reflexion y Liberación came the Pope in on the commission he set up to reform the Roman Curia, and the task of managing the Curia. He has, according to the notes said the following: And, yes ... it's difficult. In the Curia there are pious people, really, pious men. But there is also a stream of corruption, it is also, it's true One speaks of a gay lobby, and it's true, it's that we must see what we can do. READ ALSO: Pope for the rights of homosexuals Outside the Vatican walls spreads suzanne svanevik there is a sigh of relief that the Pope has broken another taboo topic, writes the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano. An older anonymous priest says to the newspaper that the Pope's words mean that the lobby is no longer just a secret part of Vatileaks: By admitting that there is a problem, the Pope sent this open discussion. Il Fatto Quotidiano writes, however, that these new opinions Pope Francis has been the criticism also of him to grow. When it dawns on Bergoglio, that he is no longer just a priest, suzanne svanevik but Pope asks critics in the newspaper, again anonymously, will not make you pope by quoting proverbs as a grandmother from the country. He is a demagogue. Ratzinger was a professor, Bergoglio is a pawn, states among other things in the criticism suggests that the honeymoon in the Vatican is over. Rumours of a homosexual network in the Vatican took off when Pope Benedict announced his decision to retire. Here wrote the newspaper la Repubblica that it was due to scandals in the Roman Curia. Pope Benedict had asked three cardinals who were all too old to vote in the conclave, to submit a report to him about the so-called Vatileaks affair, where the pope's butler gave confidential papers on discord and corruption in the Vatican on to the press. When the Cardinals handed their report to Pope Benedict, it should according to La Repubblica, among other things, have revealed the existence of a homosexual network in the Vatican who received Pope Benedict to make the decision to go by. The report from the three cardinals were locked in a cupboard, and although many of the cardinals in the conclave wanted to see the specific Pope Benedict that it only had to be read by his successor and was to be delivered directly into the hands of him. La Repubblica quoted from the report and wrote that there was a group of homosexuals in the Vatican, who frequented venues in the city, a beauty suzanne svanevik salon, a sauna in a suburb and a villa on the outskirts of Rome, where they had over other men. According to the newspaper they had been blackmailed because of these conditions. Now Pope Francis allegedly confirmed that the Vatican has a problem that he will do something about. So far he has set up a commission of eight cardinals who come from almost all parts of the world and to reform the Curia. The total commission must have its first official meeting in October, suzanne svanevik where it is believed that the eight cardinals will accompany Pope Francis when he October 4 takes on pilgrimage to the holy city to pray at the tomb of St. Francis, suzanne svanevik the saint he has taken his p

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