Monday, May 18, 2015

The figures also indicated

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Plumber? Conditioner repair technician? Handyman? It appeared that the professional customers the most searched online in the past year, was actually a professional masseur - in business "Business Iscariot", from the portal "online Iscariot", which brings together service providers and professionals courier tracking in the Haifa suburbs and the environment in various fields. courier tracking According to the "Google Analytics" (powerful statistical tool from Google), in 2012 won the category "professional massage" Kerry Business "in no less than -30 223" courier tracking page views ", customers were looking for a professional Hmasz'im.
In second place in terms of the amount of "page views" were clothing stores - with 26,765 page views from clients. Then is classified as "rooms for rent" with 25,857 courier tracking page views from clients who look for accommodation false.
Fourth place classification "Architects and designers" with 18,377 page views. Then in descending order: Shipping with 16,726 courier tracking page views, laboratories cell phones - 15 917 page views, taxis - 14,968, pizzerias - 14 930, 14 330 Gameplay, furniture 12,882.
The figures also indicated "Google Analytics" that further rating (the second top ten) are Chinese restaurants with 12,864 page views, 11,470 banquet halls, kindergartens, 11,381, 11,232 nail, cafes 11 185, 10 816 photographers, transportation of 10,735, 10,494 dentists, pesticides 9615 , clowns 9,517. Opening the third top ten lawyers with 9464 page views, courier tracking renovations of 9309, designing evening wear and gowns 9,236, 8,966 driving instructors, Florists 8795, 8514 sushi restaurants, printers 8044, beauticians courier tracking 7,794, 7,195 animals shops, carpentry 6989.
Guide "Iscariot business" encompasses thousands of professionals and businesses in the suburbs and surrounding areas. Professional classifications of "Iscariot business" Immigrants also the first results of the leading search engines - so that each skier looking for dentists San Francisco, deceptive or lawyer beautician Haifa suburbs - an appropriate classification comes directly on the site, "Iscariot Internet." The service is free for visitors of "Iscariot Internet" looking for other professionals courier tracking and relatives home are available through the website: or through search engines.
Free support promotional account opening call 077-4-560-562 or contact us via the contact form and one of advertising experts "Business Iscariot" build a campaign for you that will "effect" maximum minimum price.
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