Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Greek Catholic Patriarchate Street

Fax: +972 2627 1652/274 2885
Tel: + 972 4 655 40 75
Mount of Olives
Phone: +962 6429 19 90/1
Greek Catholic Patriarchate Street
If al-Sumac
Deputy Patriarch of Jerusalem
- Archbishop Joseph Antoon Sooiif
Phone: +972 2628 2657
11191 Amman
PO Box 142 916
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Discussion afl courier Bethlehem Papal visit Papal visit Foster registration journalists - Pope visit the Palestinian tourism minister and the ambassador to the Holy See Cardinal Sandra Latin Patriarchate on the subject of the Pope's pilgrimage Franciscan Center: video press conference in -27.3.2014 Latin Patriarch: Press conference - 03/27/2014 Party Journalists Latin Patriarchate 03.27.14 -Pictures press conference: a prayer for the Pope's visit, the Pope's visit FMC site publishes related news, the motto and the logo of ambassador to the Vatican, the Pope Catholic welfare institutions in the Holy Land Arrange and monasteries in the Holy Land, and video exhibition of Pope Paul the 6th Holy Land Israeli tourism minister Latin Patriarchate Catholic Church in the Holy Land that issue in Jerusalem Patriarch Brtolmi Pope: Pope in Jerusalem motto and logo for the Pope in the Holy Land church leaders first anniversary of Pope Francis' last journey: Pope Benedict in the Holy Land to recognize afl courier the churches in the Holy Land - Czech

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