Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1996 - 2014 AVÍZO, as

The fact that the new year is the house and the land on which it stands is considered one property, I mentioned in an earlier article. Needless to say that the new property is only land and building is an integral part. If the land and construction of various owners dpd pl remain separate property, and both owners have a mutual right of first refusal. If the owner is the same, the opportunity to sell a house as a separate property and keep the land does not exist. Or is there? Right to build
The novelty in our legal system is from 2014 return to the legal institution building. It is a right in another's property, in this case the land. A landowner is therefore burdened by other persons called the builder to have on his property construction. dpd pl
In practice this means that in a strange land (or below) may indeed become the building that actually belongs to someone else. Right to build the immovable is being registered at the Land Registry. The building becomes part of the law, not the land and will therefore separate property. As such, it may be sold, donated or otherwise transferred to a new owner. The builder and owner of the land to the mutual right of first refusal.
As far as the actual construction, the builder has the same rights as would be the beneficial owner. It is also probably the main reason dpd pl for the existence of construction law. Otherwise, it would be sufficient land to be rented. To dispose of their structure can almost arbitrarily. His only obligation under the law to maintain the building in good condition.
The right building is of limited duration. Unless contractually provided for a shorter period of time, it will be according to the law a maximum of 99 years. After this time expires and the property owner has to pay half the value of the builder of the building. dpd pl Again it is true that it may be otherwise agreed. The building can become part of the land free of charge, or for a different amount may be agreed to be cleared.
About rarely someone will be on the basis of the right to build or buy on a land house for living. When will this new meaning for someone, then obviously dpd pl the owner of land on lucrative areas, who do not want to sell but do not have them yet no concrete plans. On the other hand, it will be interesting for commercial projects that will be just such a lucrative land search. If you are not going to buy, it may be right to build more profitable than renting. dpd pl
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1996 - 2014 AVÍZO, as

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