Sunday, July 27, 2014

270 years ago, China Revealed

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270 years ago, China Revealed "Speedpost" 2007-1-9 </ b> [Ecumenical Reuters China's "Express Mail" history can be traced back at least 270 years ago in the Qing Yongzheng. At that time the emperor issued dtdc franchisee a decree to the governors confidential minister, not only to send someone, hand delivery, personal income, and specifications rigorous, limited time, when the "ting send." According to Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, January 9 -, Liaoning Province, China's only one file has a complete dtdc franchisee collection of the Qing Dynasty, "Ting sent." The museum deputy director Sun Chengde dtdc franchisee recently revealed that the early Qing Dynasty, the emperor issued decree by the Cabinet announced that private copies of each hair bureaucratic delivery execution. This way is not easy to secrecy, and relatively slow. To the confidential interim decree Kangxi emperor's reform undertaken dtdc franchisee by the inner court officials or prince, scholar, etc., directly communicated to the governors dtdc franchisee minister. Yongzheng seven years (AD 1729) concerning the establishment of military dtdc franchisee command responsible for the emperor, drafting and passing instructions, "Ting-mail" has since been widely used and form a system. dtdc franchisee Sun Chengde said the Grand Council of the Qing Dynasty Emperor's Edict file handle a variety of books, which can begin to declare the "Mingfa file" has four seasons copy of "Edict File", there are documented Zaozhao affairs "Zaozhao file, "but undoubtedly the most confidential" send a letter file ", ie" Ting sent. " Sun Chengde noted that the Qing Dynasty, "Ting Send" fairly standardized format, it is necessary to specify the "conduct military office closures Send" (sender), also marked "Somewhere Mouguan be opened" (recipient), but also according to the situation of urgency on the envelope at the line where the number of postal delivery, the fastest 600 in the daily rush. Seal and date of the letter "Ting send" shall be stamped with the seal of the Grand Council. There was no postal system, transfer functions, "Ting Send" Good news is that the Ministry of War Department. Since the reduction of intermediate links, greatly speeding up the work rate.孙成德 said after the Qing Dynasty, "Ting Send" issued dtdc franchisee generally stay in the "ordered officials' hands, because of the age, has been preserved is rare. Liaoning Provincial Archives has a collection of 31 years of the Qing dynasty (AD 1905) Grand Council candidate Lang Ting Jie sent a "ting send" positive words on page 186, is the Emperor to appoint Tingjie to Mukden (now Shenyang) apply land reclamation and investigate matters instructions. This piece, "Ting send" after a century, but the encapsulation of paper envelopes, are pages and pages are fully intact and become solitary at home and abroad, has been included in the "China archival heritage list." Note: [Reuters] or [Ecumenical News] Grand Duchy of Ben instant news, not quote from "Ta Kung Pao", please pay attention. dtdc franchisee
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