Monday, July 7, 2014

Using two-dimensional code is downloaded to the phone Software Express track your package at any pl

Using two-dimensional code is downloaded to the phone Software Express track your package at any place and at any time to report the status of the latest package. Super savings flow! Just five queries 1KB traffic. Supports barcode scanning, background update notification service. Support DHL, FedEx, yurtiçikargo DPD, GLS, TNT, UPS, Hermes, USPS, EMS, every day, in the pass, Hui Tong, Hong Kong China can reach, Xin Phenom, all one longbang Nadu, Azores, yurtiçikargo Sheehy yurtiçikargo Exelon, Day Pass, Hong Tat, Morning Star will be anxious, Shen Tong, fast, excellent speed, Biao mind, SF, tact, home delivery, a nation, China Post, rhyme, more than 40 courier companies. Version 2.2 updated as follows:. A query to the data can not solve the current problems courier tracking module b Remove Ads For Android revision will be larger at the end.! The new interface, new features, a new experience, so stay tuned! Version 2.1.1 updates are as follows:. A is installed on the phone to automatically detect barcode scanners, and appropriate tips to facilitate the use of bar code scanning capabilities b modify the query algorithm to ensure yurtiçikargo the stability yurtiçikargo of version 2.1 update query as follows:. A adjustment page. layout, words are no longer restricted b Notes New Entry and update the order page add barcode scanning feature version yurtiçikargo 2.0 update as follows:. a new functional modules: Mail program b added dozens of new domestic express carriers c. Orders editing functions d partial UI adjustments Features: yurtiçikargo more comprehensive interface features yurtiçikargo a new algorithm is more reasonable, less traffic, query efficiency and faster! ! Replacing the software LOGO, opening animation more CUTE!!! [Edit Comment] have such software for online shopping or shop sellers of people is too easy, you can always understand your current courier arrived where we are. Since I did not express, so I can not find the courier state, but what is the problem we raised in the comments below. [Sensitive] direct dial telephone privileges (surcharge); software screenshots (6)
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