Thursday, July 3, 2014

The explanatory memorandum asset Ostrava City Department received a request of PK-TRES, sro, Ostrav

Indeed the city supports development center? - Ostrava
The explanatory memorandum asset Ostrava City Department received a request of PK-TRES, sro, Ostrava-Ferry, corie Špálova 413/2, 702 00, ID: 28617495 for the purchase of the plot. No 1581/51, the other area, other areas with a total area of 196 m2 in the cadastral Moravian corie Ostrava, Ostrava village owned by the city of Ostrava, Moravian city district entrusted to Ostrava and ferries. The company PK-TRES, corie Ltd. wants to purchase land for the construction of a residential building at a cost of 1200, -Kč/m2, which makes a total of 235 200, - CZK.
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Recent comments 9:35 (Třinec style Vienna) I find it good too, only if it's thrown t 9:06 (Residential House Kotlářová - photo of construction) If the state (if applicable municipal), so on 02.07 (Housing House Kotlářová - photo of construction) corie I looked at the website and I did not find anything, not 02.07 (Třinec style Vienna) Well what can I say ... I can think of one word-loathing ... 02.07 (Architects want to protect prefab i) Article corie is adapted from the diary. Viz. Source citations and 02.07 (Residential House Kotlářová - photo of construction) Great, the state takes my money, with which then under 02.07 (North fitting up around 2020) writings are a responsible person incapable - not 02.07 (City Gate - completion of construction) I thought as a new house, I'm not there to 02.07 (Residential House Kotlářová - photo of construction) always on the notice board is listed competitions 02.07 (Reconstruction subway Hrabuvka Church) The bike is probably better to use a transition that j 02.07 (City Gate - completion of construction) A this is not a new building? After all, this is the new post 02.07 (Reconstruction subway Hrabuvka Church) On to the new (renovated) building again, not 02.07 (Reconstruction Stadium in Karviné) Coppola: The region is the typical second division. 02.07 (Residential House Kotlářová - photo of construction) corie Just out of curiosity, did you know that it is 02.07 m (Reconstruction subway Hrabuvka Church) Hmm, after zkušenosetch the "old" Out of the subway at 02.07 (Architects want to protect and prefab) No this, they have to make people and even homeland 02.07 (Trojhalí Karolina plans and destination) Toš Well, how something is free, people will hafo, and 02.07 (Trojhalí Karolina plans and destination) inaugurated uz 11.7. 02.07 (Reconstruction Stadium in Karviné) So i Karviná will have a better football Stadio 02.07 (Architects want to protect and prefab) what I was talking about with Martin, so of course 02.07 (Architects want to protect and prefab) Prefab Station for the first type celopanelovéh [more ..]
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The answer to the question is: to all appearances not. And I think that the company PK-TRES sro nenamazala properly, or there are other interests but public car park it will not ... :-) I'm not sure but it should not be a vote in the council? If so, perhaps it would be interesting to look at the list of names with the outcome of the vote. March 4, 2014 14:24
Regarding the sale of property, it is possible that if investor fears city apartment building stands. corie Therefore, it should be in the contract deposit or some collateral to the Land that would address this. Anyway, it's a shame if someone wants to build apartments, let there ugly parking ...
Anesthetic circuit solves the center and solve it by Information Service at Elektra is closed on weekends and instead of opening a new center in Carolina, which is open on weekends. I do not understand why the city should continue to support private business! March 4, 2014 14:45
Regarding the information desk (otherwise I would not call it) MIC in Carolina, and due to the location on the first floor of the main staircase to see such nice people to channel further to the city especially when this staircase connected to the bridge was designed for smooth passage Caroline further into the city. Nothing there does not preclude that person just went through and did not buy anything. Of course, it is a great pity that the MIC in the center does not work on weekends because it can fulfill the function infrmační, where you can visit the center at the weekend and people or tourists corie there face. Just my opinion, corie nothing more ... March 4, 2014 17:27
George: On Sunday corie I was at the town hall and four poles asked me where they can jump on a pizza or food. Ex

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