Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Caliphate of Abu Bakr as the Caliph al-Baghdadi announced the

Caliphate of Abu Bakr as the Caliph al-Baghdadi announced the "Islamic state" in the last days of June, nearly a month ago. The rise to power and self-government groups such as Dash and make it a normal phenomenon in today's efecty world do not seem to.
Caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi self is on the verge of finishing his first year. Despite efecty a Khalifa forces occupied parts of Iraq, Syria and create some institutional legitimacy to their caliph failed to look at more Muslims bloodthirsty and ruthless leader of a group known as an oppressive Khalifezadeh.
Caliphate of Abu Bakr as the Caliph al-Baghdadi announced the "Islamic state" in the last days of June, nearly a month ago. The rise to power and self-government groups such as Dash and make it a normal phenomenon in today's world do not seem to. Dash is now a considerable territory of East West Aleppo in Syria to cities in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and Mosul in northern Iraq to capture and south of the border, Saudi Arabia efecty has been reached.
Dash has its own police and courts, schools and municipal affairs department and even the plate and the passport will be issued. Some sources even in the creation of the consumer protection bureau to monitor the quality of food Rqh the news. A lot of media entertainment, media and public debate on the quality of excommunication that the group has established close links with the remnants of the Baath regime.
Mahmoud Salem Egyptian efecty analyst, although considering the issues efecty of this hypothesis compared with the Taliban in Afghanistan Dash examines the significant reasons for such an analysis to be wrong. Afghan efecty Taliban gradually as the dominant country in the world outside the boundaries of known and believed in it as well as a country, while the Dash publications by its members at least shown the boundaries of global little importance And if you can not afford to have it, intent on disrupting the borders of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine will be. Arabic countries in the Middle East may be due to boundaries being drawn by colonial powers in the last century has created many problems, but the reason for the legitimacy of the caliph al-Baghdadi and acceptance of the Muslim world will be straddeling? Always dream of the Caliphate notable for his political thinking is Sunni. For some in the Muslim world, the caliphate is reminiscent of the historical period efecty in which Muslims are expanding the scope of the current literature, science and civilization were created that had an impact on the world. Although recent developments in the Arab world in the hopes of realizing this idea to create a caliphate in Syria and Iraq, however, the fulfillment of a dream, to think it is a nightmare newspaper writer emergence efecty Lebanon al-Safir. Khlafh expected Sunni rather than a cohesive nation has emerged, built on the ruins of Syria and Iraq. Caliph instead of the generosity and compassion and protection of minorities be recognized symbol of his power by spreading fear and panic. In addition, the caliph of the Muslim world over the defense against invasion by foreign powers, in the eyes of many tools in the hands of foreign intelligence services and governments in the region known kingdom. The Sunni world is due to the belief of many political thinkers Sunnis, although the Caliph after the Prophet Muhammad was a religious figure, but end cruelty dynasties such as the Umayyads efecty and Abbasids was also drawn. Such facts and issues to grapple with the world these days, many have concluded that even in the form of a renewed caliphate old and it is not possible Prmsalh. Ahmad Al-Azhar University in Egypt Crimea professor tells you why the Muslim world, such as Europe becomes an economic common market, single currency would be a political and military joint tools and boundaries between Muslims is removed, the possibility of a new Islamic caliphate efecty can be talked about. However, the inability to resolve these problems, delusions caused some people to try their historical performance in today's language, and the result catastrophic. When grouplets efecty that wage armed with the situation said the great powers of the caliphate, efecty they concluded efecty that the atrocities witnessed. Perhaps violence, murder and oppression of Muslims is the main reason that the border between the Islamic world and the Dash has been highlighted. It has also shown itself in the words Maulvi Abdul. Sunni imams, province stating his views relative to emphasize that I have already spoken Dash groups that reject violence and extremism efecty of any kind and believe that the solution to all the problems and the discourse of the different groups with seated with their problems through inclusive dialogue and national government to solve. Such comments are not only moderate efecty in parts of the Muslim world's Dash and governs succession, but more radical groups, and even the Salafists as caliph al-Baghdadi has not shown much interest. Joseph Alqrzavy previously had supported terrorist groups in Syria and unrest in Iraq "revolution" efecty had read Dash acting legally in declaring the caliphate efecty has been canceled. Albrqavy Issam Abu Muhammad Jerusalem known as the spiritual leaders of Al Qaeda and the Salafi movement in Jordan, announced measures in the caliphate Dash violent and illegitimate efecty Ajbaramyz is known. The Salafist and jihadist movements thinker who referred efecty to him as a spiritual mentor named as the face of violent opposition to such Abvmsl Zarqawi

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