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欧洲邮政联盟发布“绿皮书”  加速欧洲包裹市场“一体化”
(Hanshuang Ming Ting compile reports) in order to promote blue dart courier track the common development of the European parcels business, the 20-year history of the European blue dart courier track Postal Union (hereinafter referred to as "the European Union Postale") earlier this year proposed a "need to adapt to the development of e-commerce, to create a single European market wrap "The Green Paper seeks to provide better service delivery concerns for the European cross-border population of 800 million. Prior to the survey conducted by the European Commission shows that the delivery of goods, the existence of the online payment, commodity complaints, quality assurance, service and other aspects of personal privacy issues, blue dart courier track weakening consumer confidence in cross-border online shopping. Through the establishment of "unification" blue dart courier track of the industry standards (such as ISO standards), the European Union hopes electricity suppliers Post parcel delivery service quality standards will be performed within the EU to the world. Such a "standardized integration", will be filled restrict cross-border delivery concerns the various "short board" for the cross-border online shopping to bring more high-efficiency, low-cost solution delivery concerns.
In recent years, the European economy as a whole is weak recession trend, some countries even in the face "fiscal cliff" dilemma, and the sudden emergence of e-commerce compared to the European economy has injected a "booster." Back in 2010, the EU e-commerce market reached 91 billion euros, the EU share of the retail reach 4%. According to EU statistics, in 2011, 43% of users have used online shopping EU, while in 2006 this figure is only 26 percent, an average annual increase of 13%. Moreover, all EU countries have achieved significant growth, of course, blue dart courier track due to the different countries market maturity and market blue dart courier track drivers, growth is not the same. Cross-border electricity supplier development is even more remarkable. EU statistics also reveals that, from 2008 to 2011 four years, cross-border e-commerce blue dart courier track growth in the EU Member States is almost twice the territory of e-commerce, the former is 22.2%, which is only 11.4%. In 2012, 24% of EU consumers have used cross-border online shopping. The reason is mainly associated with the EU in this period just online shopping market has matured - logistics, the rapid development of online payment and other electricity providers associated with the industry chain, allowing people to steadily acceptance blue dart courier track of online shopping, online shopping consumers Shopping horizons gradually expand from domestic to international. E-commerce "gushing" blue dart courier track triggered the development of domestic blue dart courier track and cross-border express business of the European Union EU. The EU appears a special e-logistics services, had actively engaged blue dart courier track in B2B parcel and express operators have turned to providing new B2C delivery services, including the EU and the global mainstream delivery provider DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex, GLS, DPD, etc.. Meanwhile, retailers cooperation between the electronic delivery concerns service providers with a variety has also been further strengthened, including postal operators, express carriers, logistics companies and non-postal operators (receiving items, re-packaging, and ultimately to the delivery provider), Or is pure electricity providers such as Amazon, eBay, Pixmania, and so on.
It is precisely because blue dart courier track the market is extremely competitive, format endless variety blue dart courier track of services, the European Union 52 Member States Postal electricity providers posting and delivery of innovative solutions, control costs, improve efficiency, enhance cooperation, and strive to provide seamless services on cross-border business. Europe UPU focuses blue dart courier track on "the first mile" and "last mile" two aspects of innovation in order to provide more services solutions blue dart courier track for e-retailers and users - users can choose when, where and how Ways to receive goods they buy, "independent" in areas such as product blue dart courier track packaging, pre-delivery notification, and delivered to the home and so on. In addition, through different return method (such as "convenient way to return"), delivery can provide international prepaid return postage for e-retailers. In addition to the more flexible service, how to control the balance with the corresponding costs can not be underestimated - this is a permanent issue, is the inevitable need to adapt to market competition. European UPU member countries have started studying how to adjust the way they operate, to deal effectively with the letter from the fall and electricity supplier delivery service adjustment and transition issues business improvement brought. Cross-border delivery concerns throughout the EU are becoming not just Europe UPU hot topic. During the EU held a special meeting at the end of last year, the head of online and postal service officials of the European Commission blue dart courier track Werner Stengg had to cross-border delivery concerns, "Weapon." He said: "To solve the problem of cross-border trade and distribution, you must make all the components of e-commerce industry chain (merchants, delivery companies and consumers) to enhance interaction, provide more favorable prices, the process blue dart courier track more transparent distribution services, which are also E-commerce is the current short board where - the reason is that cross-border trade in electricity supplier before the emergence of many countries postal and parcel carriers had an alliance, but because of the postal operators using different IT systems, it is difficult interconnection interoperability, blue dart courier track package tracking, query and other functions are difficult to achieve. "To this end, the European UPU Universal Postal blue dart courier track Union and to strengthen cooperation with the international postal company in the standardization, the establishment of a unified platform and has taken a number of effective blue dart courier track measures, including strengthening shipment tracking and tracing, strengthen quality control, conduct electronic parcel business linkage, and so on.
Seamless cross-border service delivery concerns will make the industry run more standardized, blue dart courier track greatly enhance customers express terms of use online shopping experience. However, the EU postal operators in the process of actively promoting the development of electronic commerce, also need to resolve as soon as possible following major questions: First, online shopping delivered in the "VAT", one of the challenges in itself and this is the electricity supplier. blue dart courier track Within the existing legal framework of the EU countries apply different VAT rates and VAT regulations, blue dart courier track customs clearance high cost and complicated procedures, blue dart courier track limiting the freedom of online shopping transportation. Therefore, it is critical a problem is to change the current value added tax provisions, in particular, to avoid the import of goods from a country still in 27 different countries, the problem of double taxation. If you can achieve "one-stop tax" in an EU country, then there will be a greater development of e-commerce space. Followed by transport links "interoperability." EU internal market provisions of the existing transportation of goods on land transport made a lot of restrictions, resulting in high cost and low efficiency. Therefore, you need to open up the road network interoperability, promote cooperation blue dart courier track between all delivering the same company, to solve the transportation and delivery of e-commerce related issues. Finally, to promote inter-State services, "non-differentiated." Although the European Services Directive Article 20, paragraph 2, residents of different countries may not discriminate services. But industry insiders believe that the Services Directive needs to be further refined. Released last year, "the European online blue dart courier track market report" shows that some companies are reluctant to make cross-border sales of their products situations still exist. EU countries need to develop blue dart courier track new services directive, to create a more favorable environment and conditions for the development of electronic commerce.
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