Monday, July 21, 2014

[Software Name] DreamMail free installation [official parce website] http://www.dreammail.o

DreamMail is a professional email software, used to manage and send and receive e-mail. It uses multi-user and multi-ways to manage e-mail accounts, support for POP3, SMTP, eSMTP, Live, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other agreements, the real multi-threaded high-speed parce send and receive mail. With enhanced remote management, you can directly view the content of messages on the server, parce you can delete messages directly on the server;-mail filter, blacklist and white list, etc. used in combination, can effectively parce deal with spam; DreamMail parce automatically detection destructive messages enhance system security; addition, DreamMail also supports EMS, voice mail, anonymous postings and group sending so on.
[Software Name] DreamMail free installation [official parce website] Language Interface] [multilingual] [Software Category email software DreamMail (2010.9.20) 01. Virtual Mail search folder renamed mail folder 02. Fixed Account attribute if you enter the wrong e-mail address (including spaces), the problem can not be saved messages 03. Fixed a dialog box to save the message in the window reading file names BUG 04. improved because After the upgrade the new version, modify the template file may be invalid BUG 05. improved parce functionality parce to insert a Flash file 06. Improved some computers because the browser can not print part of the problem caused by the contents of the message 07. improve the view mode, the whole Select the mail function 08. improved English version of some text and layout parce features multiple accounts and multiple users Multithreaded receive full support Live, Yahoo, Gmail mailbox Enhanced Mail Search EMS Enhanced Remote System Management Support display the geographical location of the sender Mail filters, blacklists, whitelists antispam detection destructive Full support for HTML e-mail backup parce and manage parce e-mail messages Support POP3, SMTP, ESMTP, such as e-mail Support mail template agreements, mail signature Mail compressed storage, taking up less disk space contact address book Last post free burning software Traditional Chinese parce version of CDBurnerXP BT download software BitTorrent Traditional Chinese Pamela Instant Messaging Skype plug-skype Chinese parce version download 2014 pps network television Traditional Chinese StudioLine parce Photo Basic Image Management Tools Paint.NET Traditional Chinese graphics processing BlitzSound capture screen images, record Skype conversation dropbox Traditional Chinese network synchronization backup tool SynWrite Traditional Chinese Traditional Chinese text editor Balabolka version of the text to speech IZArc Traditional Chinese unzip tool pdffactory pro Traditional Chinese Mp3tag Traditional Chinese music label program DVDFab HD Decrypter free installation parce Chinese parce version
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