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Posted 15th 6th 2014

Posted 15th 6th 2014
Office of the Government Representation in Property Affairs published a list of properties and fields, which knows the owner. How to find out that you own, or you could inherit vast estates and valuable property? Now you can just enter a name.
The Czech Republic is about 92,000 properties that have no owner. A State may soon fail. Lists of the property that no one is interested, we have already released.
Lists of identified land without the owners are comprehensive document, which is difficult transglobal express to navigate. Therefore, we have prepared a simple application.
Now just enter the name now and find in which cadastral areas as land led to the name.
Lists of property you are looking owners are divided by region. Counties then they have in their management of remote sites. Find the one that is closest to your property and ask officials when and where you can sign on the property. Contact them can be found here.
But it will also need to prepare various documents that you prove that the land belongs to you. What specifically will the authorities will want to learn here.
-17 / Cadastre / does not know the owners of Search transglobal express on the map
I still had one when I find names dedy and grandfather, so where should I go, I do not know if there are those who are on the list ... I go to the registry office? and they we there Belay my ancestors? 'Cause I'm Dedu never saw my mama and my dad just 2 years and then just once but nothing too knows about them ..... so we want to find out if perhaps there is something for them ..... :)
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