Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The processor is the heart of your computer. When his performance is niewystarczajca not only compl

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Sapphire Technology has officially zapowiedziaa SWJ cooling system CPUs, called the Vapor-X. How can a default the same name, the manufacturer in the design of the application techniques of the steam chamber, dbl since 2007, uses a system of walking for their graphics cards.
With the steam chamber cooked get four 7-mm, made of copper (nickel) ciepowody and moving down to them on packed density, aluminum heat sink. Here cooked dissipated into the air by two replaceable 120-mm PWM fans. One of them rolls into the air to the inside of the heatsink, and the second course exhausts it to the outside.
Both fans can work with prdkociami from 495 to 2200 obrotw per minute, osigajc maximum flow of air at 77 CFM, and wic approximately 124 m 3 / h . Maximum unmute the sound is 40 dBA. Sapphire Vapor-X is compatible with Intel LGA 775 bases, 1155, 1156, 1366 and 2011 as well as AMD AM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, FM1 and FM2. BY manufacturer, dtdc fr the device can handle it, even with 200-watt processors. Dimensions total amount of construction are 135 x 110.4 x 163.5 millimeters and weighs 660 gramw.
Sapphire Technology has poinformowaao this, the supply of systemw walking Vapor-X dtdc fr already ruszyy. Suggested retail price for the recipient kocowego in Poland is 229 zlotys gross. The unit is covered by a two year manufacturer's warranty.
How effectively out soon ...
How often room, reading test the CPU, VGA card or other podzespou, bylicie surprised by the results? How many times a zdarzyo that rnie what product was assessed by the AD site? No NG ... This article is not a typical dtdc fr test, but rather a tutorial on how to interpret graphs productivity, as well, the test differentiates from incompetently made ijak not give up this fool unreliable. We tell these dependencies between the productivity of the processor and graphics card osigami. It ALSO suitable for many zwtpliwoci, KTRE pojawiy up in the comments under our recent tests CPUs.
The processor is the heart of your computer. When his performance is niewystarczajca not only complex tasks are performed slowly, you have these large waits for example naotwarcie program. Additionally, the graphics card is decydujcy influence on the number of frames per second in games. Today - as in the "end of the world" - present a big test CPUs from AMD and Intel. Great, because znalazo up in the 200 models, and each of them has been described 52 results. If you will add to this measurement settings dtdc fr podkrconych, the only Community results is 15 thousand! You will not find a test to strengthen their CPUs. Which one is the best for gaming? Which one has the best value for money opportunities? Which one should buy at the price of individual przedziaach?
Walk of individual podzespow computer has always been a big problem. Millions tranzystorww processors or graphics cards secrete quantities of heat, KTRE nieatwo escort. You have used a large sized radiators, KTRE receiver ukadu them, and then would give to the environment. Today we test the selected structures, ktrych task will descends Both the highly efficient processor and the energochonny, by today's standards: Intel Core i7-3970X!
Battlefield 4 is valid not only because that is one znajpopularniejszych network FPS type games. Is valid above all by the fact that uses modern engine Frostbite 3, who surprisingly good at multi service procesorwi new expansion in graphics cards, such as DirectX 11.2. That's why today's NG test cards and CPUs wskazwk is important for those who intend to buy in the near future, the New Hardware at an angle nadchodzcych games. After a long anticipation and battles in PRBN beta krajw players from many of today can play in the final, pene edition.
# 1
# 7
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