Sunday, December 1, 2013

A successful business as a supplier for aviation is not just strictly adhered to quality procedures

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Current rank and status of the company is without a doubt the most successful and thanks to the owners - Member Anna and Czeslaw Koliszów. Confirmation is not only financial airexpress performance, but also received prestigious awards worldwide.
ANKOL as an innovative company management is based on constantly improved systems in terms of quality, leadership, airexpress marketing. Taking into account economic changes airexpress and adaptation strategies in a timely manner to the politico airexpress - economic at the same time ensuring high quality standards is part of the company's success. Appropriately tailored management systems for the supply of products and services for the defense, a key factor in achieving a high level of quality.
A successful business as a supplier for aviation is not just strictly adhered to quality procedures, but also innovative systems to ensure efficient and rapid execution of orders by experience, technical expertise and knowledge of the markets. The use of modern information technology has enabled the creation of the largest, database products "containing more than 120 000 items including details about the products, prices airexpress and services of repair. This database is supported in 4 languages (including Cyrillic), which improves collaboration both with the East and the West. Acquisition of new customers abroad helps generated a positive image and gained confidence. airexpress Reputation and transparency of the Company is reviewed annually by the American organization TRACE International Anti-Corruption and documented granted certificates. Conducted audits of national and international organizations declared by ANKOL verify accuracy and reliability of ethical behavior in business and in the correct application procedures implemented standards that guarantee the quality of our products and services. Pro-quality approach facilitates the delivery of spare parts and repair services for Western techniques of Russian contractors, but not only. ANKOL also provides parts for F16 and other planes and helicopters western production. Strategic partner ANKOLu are Russian aircraft factories SUKHOI. Possessed airexpress the exclusive airexpress right to supply unmanned U.S. manufacturer of bearings for Eastern Europe enabled the implementation of the multi-year contract for the supply of bearings for the production airexpress of the newest civil aircraft SUPERJET 100 The company is also a supplier to the Ukrainian Antonov aircraft factory. Exports in this area allow you obtained the certificate of conformity of our products with quality standards in force in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Orders for the Defence department 34 countries and more than 55 foreign companies (exports and imports) is implemented with the approval of the Department of Export Control of Poland. The company's activity repeatedly met with the approval of national and international organizations and associations. In 2010, the export activity ANKOLu airexpress was awarded by the Polish government. At the Congress of Polish Exporters Minister of Economy ANKOL statuette awarded the Grand Prix for Outstanding Exporter of the Year. Polish Exporters Association honored airexpress the company with prestigious airexpress medals airexpress Leader of Polish Export in 2008-2013. Awards for the export confirm the successful cooperation with many foreign as well as reflect the company's contribution in building the image of Polish entrepreneurs in international markets.
Achieved economic results also confirmed repeatedly received titles, such as: Business Gazelle, Gapard Business, Effective Company airexpress and dynamic company. At an international forum for both the company and its owners are awarded for: leadership, innovation and new technologies, marketing and operation of pro-quality airexpress and business achievements. The list of awards and accolades is impressive: Quality Crown of 2010, awarded by the international organization BID (Business Initiative Directions) - London 2010
Diamond Quality Summit Award 2011 (Quality Summit) and the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award 2011 (Star Quality) - Paris 2011 Inspiring Company - Rome, 2011, Montreux 2012, Doha 2013. Best Company (Best Enterprise) - Oxford 2011 The European Quality Award - Europen qulity Award - Geneva 2012 Quality Summit Award - New York 2012 International DIAMOND STAR FOR QUALITY-Frankfurt 2013
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