Sunday, December 1, 2013

We have compiled gls poland the most interesting promotional offer on the occasion of Black Friday

OCCP imposed on RTV EURO AGD store more than half a million penalty for offering free delivery ...
We have compiled gls poland the most interesting promotional offer on the occasion of Black Friday and the upcoming Christmas Dear Readers, Spider's Web, I do not agree with you - that is about the radio again my three favorite features of the HTC One Got HTC One series and did not get free space on Dropbox? There is a way Saturn went to his senses and let the holders of pre-orders for the purchase of a PlayStation 4 sets of bundle texts
Company Euro Net, which owns the trade network RTV EURO AGD offered on the internet promoting "free shipping only until Friday." Officials of the OCCP did not like the fact that customer input in error and imposed hefty fines on the company.
Shop Online is owned by Euro Net. In this particular store, customers can benefit from free delivery option. The promotion called "free shipping only until Friday." The problem was that it really is an option of free delivery was available not only to Friday. With each new week of action competed again. So the company deceived its customers.
One can say that punishment RTV EURO AGD is unjustified because the company gave us more free delivery than itself suggested in its promotion. Nothing gls poland could be further from the truth. gls poland Company Net Euro could deceive consumers, telling them that the offer is temporary and soon will not be able to use it. And in fact it was not a time-limited action, but long-term change in the conditions and launches the free delivery option offered by an online store.
Misled consumers to make a purchase, which would have decided if he did not encourage gls poland them to advertise free delivery. In this way the store was trying to attract customers from June 2012 until February 2013 - Margaret Cieloch, Spokesperson of the OCCP
President of the OCCP found that the Euro Net introduces customers in error and the penalty imposed on the company 515 365 zł. Entrepreneur ceased to apply questioned by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection practice.
As you can see, the OCCP not idle. Recently, the President gls poland of the office punished Vision Express store, whose owners have obstructed customers to return purchased goods within 10 days from the date of purchase contract.
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