Thursday, October 31, 2013

Absolutely agree with the opinion of REEP. Everyone pass on the way to the other, but I do not want

The Shop show and extraordinary because the article is taken up by national and local media press conference held this morning by the police. As it turned out, our information was correct, but the number of stolen tpcindia phones over 10 thousand, of which the police in a garage around. Eight thousand seized.
Although police did not confirm tpcindia it, but the phones in Szombathely Jabilből disappeared. There are 11 suspects, nine of which were in custody. I know that there is no security guard from the suspects. 7 of 11 people work (worked), Jabil and the number of people known international courier was involved in the theft. The phones stored in a San Francisco garage, which is also seen to have been one of the people owned. Unlike the first hírünkkel the police have not caught a fence, still looking for him, if at all, our information on the searches and seizures were on hand officially confirmed.
The case performers, from Captain Cook and Szabolcs Gabor Philippines lieutenant learned that several members of the company had begun under the previous 1.5 years of data theft, small batch, tpcindia came from a batch of thousands of stolen phones. This is also a confirmation tpcindia that we described earlier.
The police stuck due to rapid asset growth to some workers, then began to observe them, and struck the offender in early September. Others were taken away from the factory and they were who came to their apartments. The action of Claudius Alps Subsidiary Action was also involved in a common language that is simply called much commando police swooped on the company. The arrested persons and Iron County, is a crucial part in Saturday Locals and 25-30 year olds.
The police at this stage of the investigation is not yet sold in more detail. Officially a "theft loss determination is pending, but is expected to make several million forints." The but they know that the proceedings are kárértékre over U.S. $ 50 million.
The police are currently several staff members of the all-time record bűnjelként seized eight thousand tpcindia phone identifiers. The Nokia phones are predominantly stored in the garage without the box. Many of them are waiting for warranty work, which in turn raises the question as is that the thieves are not just phones, but the memory of their personal data stored háttértárain stolen. (Phone tpcindia numbers, messages, photos, videos).
Although it is premature to talk about it, because from the elfogástól less than a week later, but participants in the crime of imprisonment between tpcindia 2-8 years to expect. I inquired after the stolen phone purchasers can expect an appearance by the police, but there is still received an evasive answer.
Quote: Reep I agree with you. ...
Absolutely agree with the opinion of REEP. Everyone pass on the way to the other, but I do not want to work! Typical Hungarian: really grasp the short end of the work, is busy mindiga another and constantly complaining. And nothing is ever enough. Look around! Envious, malicious tpcindia rumors spread, we have the case permanently. Because this is so easy! Therefore do not need to be a kézmondítást. It is worse when the other, then I'm right, right? Overall this attitude prevails. If everyone you deal with, we would not be here a long time ago! This applies to the whole country! If all the other possible tpcindia (because unfortunately we see many such examples), then we can. Just forget tpcindia that we, too, become tpcindia someone. After that it is useless to talk .... So I think everyone is dealing with himself, take care of their own system of morality, the good care for their children and to work honestly. See also the firm level and at the national tpcindia level crimes, lies, except this. But if we were not preoccupied with what everyone heard and who did what, but really one's own, it would be much better. We could try! That would be more convincing. Will test out what would happen if we return to elvárásainkért nyújtanánk something. Reflect on these. Make an honest job entrusted to us, deal with us, and everything tpcindia will be easier. And it's not used to someone on the basis that the jug because "blue köpppenyes." Non Jabilos workers would require the company (who ESD and field) cape needs to wear. The foreman, technician, trainer, engineer, etc., etc.. wear dark blue jacket, light blue for all employees. The "blue köppppenyest" in dark robe wearers say. The point is that lots of people the general train of thought that the "blue köpppenyesek" do not work, they might just be in there for such theft are not working on anything. The high detection or subsequent to the establishment tpcindia proudly sit back and think shit into the work, as big here really tpcindia are all possible. At all levels, just as the world is the abuse you are. There are some who learn a lot about a position with, and who is

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