Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When Boris Kraigher 1966 consists of the Federal Government invited into the Stanovnik, for

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At the end of the last world war, which this time starting resume our interlocutor, Janez dweller live to Belgrade, where he was from Slovenia took Kardelj and was later appointed chief of his Cabinet, city link courier the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Ministry. Attend the Paris Peace Treaty, experience Informbiro and death of his wife, Mariam partisan nurses, first love, with whom he had two sons. This is the time when everyone feared the arrival of Russians, "but I had a do not care if I'm no longer the next day."
And because he did not care at a debating club at the Foreign Ministry carelessly declares that in America, anyway more than socialism in the Soviet Union. Serbs require its exclusion from the Party, it Kardelj Solomon, 'after penalty "sends it to the United States, the U.S., where in 1952 it becomes an economic counselor of the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the UN headquarters in New York.
As a former partisan experience a warm welcome, especially for Jews and former airmen who were partisans in Slovenia after the overthrow them in safe places. "The hands are worn by me," he says. Take him to a number of stars of the U.S. economy, many of whom are Nobel Prize winners. "Advise me what to read, lend me books," he recalls. "This thing was after the war, much more familial than it is today." In 1956, returned to Yugoslavia, shall be devoted to economics and the director of the Institute for International Politics and Economy city link courier in Belgrade, which invites you to the lecture many acquaintances in the USA.
In 1962, he returned to Ljubljana and teaches at the Faculty of Economics, where appropriate, accompanied by Foreign Minister Popovic at the UN General Assembly, where his participation does not go undetected. And offered him a job in 1965 and 1966 becomes a saint Secretary aegis of UNCTAD (United city link courier Nations Conference on Trade and Development), Burmese U Tanta.
When Boris Kraigher 1966 consists of the Federal Government invited into the Stanovnik, for "unsatisfactory interior Yugoslavia 'proposed transition to a market economy, but because Kraigher die before reign falls below dweller Miko Špiljka, city link courier which is dreaming of a market economy quick end.
In the meantime (1968) U Tant progressing to the position of UN Secretary-General and offer Stanovniku position of Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe and the title of Under Secretary General at the UN ranking of another man. In Geneva remaining 15 years until his retirement. In 1987, by the President of the Association of Combatants Bogo Gorjan suggests that a candidate city link courier for President of the Presidency
The Socialist Republic of Slovenia. city link courier In elections, overcome by Cyril Zlobec as Mojca Drčar Murko and with a magnificent mustache francjožefovskimi borne since 1941 and have significantly city link courier contributed to the label "Father city link courier of the Nation ', moves into the later Kučan, Drnovsek and Turks on Erjavčeva premises in Ljubljana. During his presidency to happen, city link courier the affair JBTZ to rally in Cankarjev dom in support of the miners in Kosovo and forecasts truth rally in Ljubljana, but despite threats of a coup from the south and accusations of cincanju for domestic reasons

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