Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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DHL international Delivery of CG is a Hungarian administered prior letartztatsba is placed next to the Rector of the University of gyszsga Nemzetvdelmi befolyssal Due to continued zrkeds nyomozsban - told MTV broadcasts the evening cm Ihsz Sndor fvrosi fgysz. The rector e-mail and also I tried szemlyesen rvenni DHL nmetorszgi vezetjt that have requested the use ajnlott SAFETY cget. However, the police are turning afgysz nmet vezetsg I'll be right by.
Indtvnyozza the gyszsga Nemzetvdelmi University rector, John the Std and the international DHL Delivery of CG is administered hungary due for prior letartztatsta befolyssal zrkeds started nyomozsban - told MTV broadcasts be on time the evening be on time cm Ihsz Sndor fv Rosi fgysz. DHL manages the resin sszejtszott by the rector.
The rector of the resin that last year spooked by the oktberben DHL nmetorszgi vezetjt to ACG skbtszert szlltanak arms hungary employees be on time of the National zi futrszolglat be on time jrmveivel, and rendrsgmr be on time investigate be on time the gyben. Free, however, be on time said, Hungary keresztl relationships can intzni to keep it from DHL botrnybl a replacement ACG szerzdst kt have requested the named unsecure A few old cggel and lecserli vezetjt. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) szvivje Bartha Lszl the [origo] megerstette to the individual property to ensure the basis of nyomozka DHL began vizsgldni.
Ihsz oktberben 2009, the president picked up an electronic link to the DHL tosendone nmetorszgi vezetjvel, and I'll see you in a journey be on time took place kztk the University. "Head of CG (...) I was not right for the eljrsi mdhoz accustomed and almost automatically turned to the police," - said.
The third ring gyanstottjnak, Thurs Istvnnak in the SAFETY cghez "has to do with" that ajnlott the president of DHL - erstette at Ih Case. The preliminary letartztatsa he does not think szksges, but not rszletezte that a suspect in the case, why do not you'll maintain the nyomozs which influences szksnek the owner or in danger, and that is exactly as gyanstjk.
The National Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday TBB magnlaksban Nemzetvdelmi and the universities and in his office is held hzkutatst. It was then that the free detained, but ellenllst tanstott, that's why "lightweight hmsrlst" suffered from the brow of the NNI szviv According je. Lt is not a complaint against the detained anonymous, made no confession, but attorney, Zamecsnik Pter by denying the befolyssal zrkedst. Minderrlbvebben read this cikknkben.
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86 73.5 million dollars left in the taxi hts LSN TUESDAY 16:34
Avlsgrt get paid alzerhitelek Kufr 21:58 The NSA led by eurpaiak data eurpaiak gyjtttk 00:14 Budapest is the NSA eavesdrops's zpontjai is kztt 19:37

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