Saturday, October 5, 2013

At that time, intensify speedex courier the search and hunt for me. Two weeks later, I was arrested

Winter continues. speedex courier In all respects. Spring in the land of Kranj, still a long way off. Holidays are over. The lesson to those who know me and are rated for writing. I do not have a hostile attitude towards religion. On the contrary. I respect all religions and those who think differently. I do not like the churches and their constitution. For me, religion and the church, the two concepts. Those who throw them in the same basket, you have the right patient. Because of the latter, it can be RKC most avaricious and corrupt organization.
Celibacy is the prohibition of life! Prohibition of which should be every young man who is considering priest, turn on the threshold of the church, and with a stretched middle finger salute. He who at an early age of today's modern society, however, stepped in the bosom of the RCC is to me disturbed specimen. Forensic psychologists You will have to go for sexually speedex courier inhibited and frustrated young men to reject the environment and women. Caught in the ecclesiastical order, do not have healthy relationships with women. Seeking solace with each other. Predators among them are harvested on children.
That the Roman Catholic Church, media organized pedophilia is no longer a secret. It is still a mystery of the human mind. I believe that in the Middle Ages, many things associated with God. In the age of DNA and atomic particles Hadron Collider at CERN, the reference to God attributing the backward tribes. It is not so. In God and the love of God, and the oath of the President believes the most powerful country in the world. If in the future, a nuclear Iran missile deleted speedex courier or North Korea, speedex courier it was God's will.
On home ground! I mentioned the winter. Winter we now predicts speedex courier the world. I guess the reason the Prime Minister speedex courier frozen in the shadows. Everything becomes tragicomic. For the majority of Slovenes tragically, a handful still comical. Personnel from both, reveals the true bit of their fight for the welfare of Slovenia. Seizure of power by politicians speedex courier understand on their own. Takeover means that all public functions and services, set up their own people. Existential concern for your network, the main task. Everything revolves speedex courier around appointments and weaning. Most of these appendages, the functions or services which are an end in themselves. For the payment of good income. None of them, does not work that citizens of the country or in any way useful. Since their titles, this can be twisted.
Right-media, speedex courier nothing is sacred. In an effort to please Janša and as dirty members of the new government failed to imitate Sun. The fate of the fallen giant of the British, they are not concerned. Slovenia is a country of wild East, which is the subject matter. Shooting, hacking servers and posting of government speedex courier communications, is the work of foreign intelligence services. For us, for them, trying members of the rat pack. Obviously very successful! Janša is proud of them.
I had hoped that the last judgment fell. That I will not go see Vasle, Predanove and Papke by the court sends a thick girl. None of that. Judge wants to hear Darko Njavra and Dusan Mikus. Both sworn mortal enemies. The latter is both the plaintiff and the informer. Everything is simple farce. Both are former lover Predanove, Mikus is the current plaintiff. A judge has appeared to be, the judgment is already written!
Wanting to me silenced and shine are tireless. Anyone accompanying schedule of court hearings, he did not escape, that I was in Friday, 29.3., Again in court. I came just to show judges speedex courier bullets Popivoda. In trial two years ago, they apparently missed 20 euros that I owed Petrol. At that time it was for me the arrest warrant issued. I was on the pump for fuel fuel when they brought speedex courier the blue angels. One was parked behind me, another patrol was parked outside the entrance. I managed to escape them, my bill was the last time your business. A few hours later, I sent a girl to settle speedex courier the account 20e. Since it did not want money, saying it is too late. Unless I personally speedex courier get.
At that time, intensify speedex courier the search and hunt for me. Two weeks later, I was arrested and taken into custody. Upon completion of the trial in 2011, I was hoping that I closed this chapter. Last week, it surprises me the case courier. I could not believe it. The main treatment speedex courier for 20 s, which should have been settled long ago. I called Petrol, if you really do not l. 2011 get 20 e? Once again, I suggested 20 s for a good mood I indicated in 20 shelter speedex courier animals. The certificate is faxed Petrol lawyer. speedex courier On the day of the hearing, the judge received fax, the plaintiff resignation because he was rewarded. Since this was the only point indictment of the proposal, it was all over in three minutes. The state will my lawyer suggested a few hundred bucks.
Instead of taking the same evening 20 euros, they prefer crushed two years. When all crushed and prepared speedex courier wasted some common money prosecutor, judge, scorers, court messengers and anyone else I may pay an inferior amount. Where's Common sense and logic, to which the policy relies so much?
Ironic! The procedure in Strasbourg, I started because I wanted to compensation from the state for two litigation. Due to unreasonably lengthy. Now I have added the file lawsuits

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