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Karadzic has written in today

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The Hague accused Radovan Karadžić, who yesterday came first before the Hague judges pointed out that it had reached an agreement with former U.S. envoy to the Balkans Richard Holbrooke. Holbrooke's last night for the American CNN television javas courier tracking denied the existence of any agreement between him and Karadzic. He said, however, that he was in his words, "a fictional document" already shown.
This document should be of Karadzic asked to resign from the post of President of the Republic of Srpska and the president of the party, in turn, should not be prosecuted. Holbrooke claims that something like this has never signed any, and that it would be "immoral, illegal and shameful."
Karadzic has written in today's press release stated that it is impossible to place a fair trial because he was the world's media has labeled a war criminal. "My arrival to the Hague Tribunal is accompanied by numerous irregularities. Firstly, javas courier tracking the irregularity media cite the drove against javas courier tracking me, which were starting to Muslim media even before armed conflict. javas courier tracking Tagged me a war criminal at a time when they were just victims of the Serbs. Global media Now continue the witch hunt ... so many people feel that it is impossible for the court acquitted me. This fact is a serious threat to the process javas courier tracking itself, "he says in a letter Karadžič.
Serbian website Courier has published a document which they claim to represent a signed agreement between Karadzic and Holbrooke. The Agreement contains three points. Below are visible signature Holbrooke and Karadzic in force and should enter in 1996. The first section of the document covers the requirements that will take effect after 90 days from the signature itself. At this point Karadžić committed to deliver an irrevocable resignation from all government and party functions. "The official withdrawal, RK undertakes not to decide on state and party affairs. During this time, it will not affect javas courier tracking the decisions of others, if they decide on the following matters: 2-1 of military operations on the territory of BiH; 2-2 migration the civilian population; 2-3 international agreements - military, security, 2-4 appointment of government, the Party, regional, local officials; 2-5 handling of financial resources, "says the document, says Courier.
The second part relates to obligations to fulfill the U.S. government. Their task was to protect Karadzic, the financing and provision of appropriate accommodation. The U.S. government is also committed that it will not affect the Karadžićevo SDS party, claiming javas courier tracking the courier. "The U.S. government is RK-they paid $ 600,000 in local currency. RK-ROM allows the use of a residential building, located on a pre-arranged location. U.S. government gave RK-ROM available at least six people who will take care of physical security, "states courier. total liabilities as follows:" This agreement is permanent. Should RK compromise agreement, it will be seen as a serious threat javas courier tracking to the informal agreement. By sanctions, "the Courier quoting parts of the agreement. Finally, it states that "the agreement can be terminated by mutual agreement or at the proposal of the U.S. government."
Karadzic was arrested by Serbian investigative bodies noted the agreement. He pointed out that the former Serbian president, who himself stood before the Hague judges and died before being convicted in a cell, Slobodan Milosevic refused to sign the agreement, reported the Serbian Blic website. Karadzic claims that the June 1996 meeting with Holbrooke. At the meeting were present also a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Srpska Aleksa Buha and former President of the Assembly of the Republika Srpska Momčilo Krajišnik. Entered into the aforementioned agreement that Karadzic withdraws from political and public life, in turn, will not be prosecuted for war crimes.
"Holbrooke said to me one day, that it is not our agreement, or an agreement with the Clinton administration. He said that the U.S. government stands behind him. Prepared as a written agreement, which should be signed by three people - me, Holbrooke and Milosevic . Agreement was sent to Milosevic. never get an answer, "said Karadzic in Belgrade special court just before his departure to The Hague." When I met him (Milosevic's Note), told me what I will be signatures, but if I guarantee given by the world's greatest forces, "the source of your newspaper Blic. Karadzic now claims that its part of the deal completed. 19th July 1996, he resigned from the President of the Republic of Srpska. Succeeded by Biljana P

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