Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some time ago, the Serbian newspaper Courier posted a photo was combined with Marko Miskovic, the s

Serbian media: Šarić the owner of the club in the Serbian Socialist Party headquarters
Serbian "narkokralj" Darko Saric, Serbia, poczta tracking convicted of organizing a network of drug dealers, and his brother Dusko Saric, are most likely the owner of the popular Belgrade club Vanilla acting on the seat of the Serbian Socialist Party, led by Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, in the morning published article writes Serbian Center for Investigative Journalism (CINS).
The Socialist Party, which is a local leased Šarićevim colleagues now claim that they did not know that was in the background of the club Saric brothers. poczta tracking That the owner, poczta tracking by a range of documents from the court that they have acquired the Serbian press. This is also confirmed by Dusko Saric himself, in 2007, one of testifying in court.
Operations Team Vanilla otherwise never become the subject of an investigation in the case of "Balkan Warrior", even though the manager of the club and one of the employees caught with 20 kilos of heroin in the garage Brothers Saric claims CINS.
Vanilla is known as a popular nightclub in downtown Belgrade, where they gather celebrities from the world of bussiness, sport, showbiz and the underworld. The restaurant is Saric brothers brought a special reputation. Dusko Saric, who was this year in Montenegro, was sentenced poczta tracking to eight years in prison for money laundering, it was often seen in the company of important people.
Some time ago, the Serbian newspaper Courier posted a photo was combined with Marko Miskovic, the son of the richest Serbian businessman Miroslav Miskovic, who was in early 2009, mentioned as a possible buyer of Mercator [MELR 120.00 poczta tracking 0.00%].
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