Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recall that the police found the body of a murdered mannequins on Monday night.

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Darijan Music suspected gati track of a brutal murder gati track of Serbian Vladislav models Červenko, the police arrested two days ago when he tried to break through the Sandžak in Montenegro. Sources in the police told the media that they are prepared for the difficult to arrest. They were expecting tough guy, muscular, and armed to be resisted arrest. Instead, they seized a man of sixty meter high, which is barely stand on his feet and cried helplessly.
25-year-old Darijan Musić to during gati track questioning at the police station in Novi Sad immediately confessed the crime, otherwise it is claimed that Vladislav did not intend to kill him, I was just "put in order" as he said. "We grew up together, it was my love since childhood. Same year we are. Together we trained, we had a gym, with her I wanted gati track to spend all his life. Regard we were already six years. I suspected that I was unfaithful, when I was in prison. When I went on Monday to her, I found the pill. confessed to me, with whom she was sleeping when I was locked up. I called this guy, otherwise I suspect that there were more "to said Music is by citing Serbian media talked non-stop, sometimes completely unrelated. He repeatedly stressed that Vladislav did not want to kill the hotel is just easier to hurt. "I Vladić hit in the face in order not to spoil its beauty.'s Why I fight the body. But I wanted to kill him. With her I wanted gati track to start a family and be with her until the end of life," to be told.
Darijan the murder confessed before gati track the police arrested him on the social network Facebook, where he wrote that committed suicide. Police found him thanks to his enrollment on Facebook, and also discovered the location from where it is accessed during flight gati track online. "I gati track love her too dead and cold, however. Loved her I'll always be more than you and more than anything! And she loves me, we're something special, believe me, even though he cheated on me with different gati track when I was in prison, and I also recognize this. This has affected me, because for me! I did not want to die, that was not my goal! JBG But, God has once again had a shitty plan for me, "he also wrote on Facebook. A jealousy was stronger than love ...
Recall that the police found the body of a murdered mannequins on Monday night. "The body was full of bruises, which have shown that the murderer before he killed, tortured. Monster on it fade cigarettes, then it is beaten so violently that she broke ribs, chest, toes and damage the liver and kidneys. Le face was not touched, "said Vladislav gati track unfortunate acquaintance. After the murder of the Darijan fled, the police are notified by one of his friends. "Darijan called him on Monday and asked him to lend him money to be able to run away from Serbia. Said that he hit Vladislavo and fears that he killed her," an unnamed source in the police told the media. The police immediately went to the apartment of a young couple, and because the ring no one responded, they broke. "It was horrible! Long time no see so raw crime," said one of the policemen.
"If you have already had the guts to do something like that, why did not I notified the police, but he escaped?! On the psycho he is not a man!" Immediately after the assassination of the Serbian Courier said aunt of the victim. Vladislav Darijan were together for several years and often he beat her. "Many times we implored gati track him to leave but, but did not want to do. Again and again she returned to him. And now she's done it," he tearfully told Mira, who with his sister Alexandra Vladislavino mother, brought up girl . She added: "She was beautiful as a little girl, dreaming about the world's rich and famous. And so the future is itself seen only in men, which ultimately took his life, and we have ripped the heart out of your chest." The tears also said that the niece, even though the officers worked hard, always came home crying and beaten. "Several times we have reported to the police, I even requested a restraining order case, but also to no effect," he told the Courier victim's aunt and said that it was a week ago Vladislav successfully carried out the first colloquia to the college to which they subscribed to autumn.
Darijan has repeatedly bragged that he was a state runner-up in swimming, because sport is expected to leave the study. On the forums appear different information about 25-year-old, including t

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