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In the human body there are two generations of enzymes. The first are endogamous these enzymes are

I decided to publish the relevant information on enzymes to write, because it says very little and inform. mors pošta Some say that because it would better awareness of enzymes ruined the pharmaceutical industry. Come to think about it and read what it says in the books mentioned below, this can be very real.
When the information below is even more so to think about it or do we eat so that we will give your body a sufficient number of enzymes, especially when we decided to completely detoxify the whole body, since the body by detoxification even more sensitive about what they enter.
In order to understand how great the importance mors pošta of enzymes in our body, for our health and life, I'll put it into words in the form of excerpts given below. The first excerpt is from the book "Gershon therapy" and the second is an excerpt from the book "Living without the disease." mors pošta
For all that is happening in the body for hundreds of processes required activity of enzymes, for example, when inhaled, to supply mors pošta the blood with oxygen, or digesting food and then for the oxidation of digested food, producing energy.
The body needs to create its own enzymes, mors pošta it is not capable of using those of unleavened food or animal products. For the manufacture of a hundred enzymes organic systems require certain minerals as catalysts (catalysts are substances which speed up the reaction without mors pošta itself changing). Researcher Dixon and Webb were investigated in detail the formation of enzymes in the body. For most enzymes are found that the body needs potassium as a catalyst, mors pošta while sodium (salt) acts as an inhibitor of the enzyme. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius (all purchased fruit juices, even those stoprocentni), mors pošta so that the body does not get any enzymes in cooked and processed foods. If you do not receive the fresh, living nutrients such as Gershon prescribed therapy, serious problems will arise. This is particularly true for patients mors pošta who have been tortured increasing health probelmi, such as indigestion, lack of appetite, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain due to stagnant gas in the digestive tract. Pancreatic enzymes do not do their work, that is to say, not attacking the tumor tissue and oxidative enzymes do not produce enough energy, to mention but a few problems.
The reason why the enzymes, in particular pancreatic enzymes, can invade and destroy tumorno tissue, in that, to identify tumor cells as "foreign" cells to be removed. However, the basic task of these enzymes digestion of protein. Since the averaged menu many animal proteins, the majority of pancreatic enzymes used for digestion and very little - if any - are available for the destruction of tumor tissue. Therefore, this type of tissue grows and expands.
Lack of enzyme activity is apparently one of the biggest problems they have to face patients, especially patients with cancer. The solution is to supply the body with fresh, organic mors pošta food free of toxins and speed up intensive detoxification with coffee enemas. Moreover, the addition of additional doses of digestive enzymes and enzymes mors pošta of the pancreas component mors pošta Gershon protocol, of course, in addition to freshly prepared drinking juices mors pošta containing high levels of oxygen.
It is a special ferments containing a spark of life and impact on the vegetative nervous system in all plant and animal cells. There are countless types of enzymes that give every living creature to its uniqueness, individuality, build up a preserve his organs and their functions. Direct chemical processes in various human, animal and vegetable bodies, so as to be able to think about. mors pošta
In the human body there are two generations of enzymes. The first are endogamous these enzymes are also called ferments. Produced in the digestive glands and regulate digestion. Second, the actual enzymes that are important for our discussion are exogamous. They regulate all of the above functions in our organism and the reaction mors pošta carried out in the cells. From this we can realize the utmost importance of enzymes to our health. Are far more important than vitamins that are actually just a support function enzymes and their "couriers".
In contrast to the digestive ferments our bodies of these enzymes is unable to produce itself. mors pošta As indicated by its syllable "ex", they must be supplied mors pošta from the outside, ie nutrition, as well as vitamins. All brimming with power and beauty, which was previously enzymes may develop in young, growing plants, vegetables or fruit a wonderful, develop after you've eaten them as an integral part of the raw food in their new delokrogu, it's our body's cells. Allow for a healthy life.
Penetration of the enzymes in our cells and connect mors pošta to them can be compared to marrying (exogamijo). Thus, the managers house and care for the growth and multiplication of cells. Those living administrators, almost could be called thinking dwarfs in office machine operators, and control all the functions of our body. The gland skillful direct the production of hormones, the liver function as an intelligent

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