Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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This aviation company was founded in 1970 as a joint project of the Franco German British. Its task was to develop a European model of aircraft that could compete with Boeing. Her first plane was Airbus A300. A300 was the first twin-engine wide-body pushpak express in the world by air in 1974. Then, in 1980 a shorter fuselage derivative pushpak express of Airbus A310 and A320 wąskokadłubowe who became one of the most successful in the history of the family of aircraft. Looking ahead, the supply of long-haul aircraft Airbus A350 XWB is scheduled pushpak express to start in 2013. The machine, although it was designed perfectly, not met with great interest the airlines because of its size. Could accommodate over three hundred passengers then this number seemed unnecessarily large, and carriers feared that some of the flights will be routinely empty. Another model of the Airbus A300B was, which turned out to be a hit. A smaller number of seats allowed to reduce production costs while increasing pushpak express the interest of potential buyers. It seems that France can be proud of the new flying machine. From now on the new Airbus gained increasing recognition in the eyes of both corporations and pilots and passengers. Models A320 and 340 are now one of the most widely used aircraft in the world. So we know that the company producing them is trustworthy. So why is the information regarding the new machine is accompanied by controversy? As you might guess, pushpak express they have no connection with the same quality aircraft rather the very fact of its creation. Because there are opinions that a completely new model, although technically better, a problem from an economic point of view. It is better pushpak express to invest money in the development of machines already exist in the improvement of their lower cost, than to lose a lot more money to design a plane from scratch. While it may seem that the airline industry today thanks to A320neo step forward, it is too great cost. Are these fears justified? pushpak express We will see only in 2016, when the first aircraft of the new generation leave the production line. Airbus is Boeing's competition. The latest product of the company pushpak express is commonly called the Airbus A380 superjumbo. It is a two-storey, four-engine airliner manufactured by the company Airbus. It is also the largest passenger aircraft in the world.
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