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In a generation, to come in for this, which is one of the few examples of musical theater made in G

Tasos (TAZ) Theodoropoulos looks exorcist: What do you think you do not like, the fact is that 22 years after the first substantial Greek rock opera written and staged in the theater, no one else dared to grapple with the genre.
Apart from the creators and the same actress interlink direct who repeated the exercise of "Demons" with "Mala". Which means, in simple Greek, and regardless of whether they like him or not, that both Nikos Karvelas and Anna Vissi have made history. Or rather, in fact, have opened a new chapter in Greek music history. And this is not debatable as though the constipation of artistic establishment refuses to digest. You have every right not to like him neither Nick nor Anna as not to dig the "Demons" but especially the latter, interlink direct do not dig the "Demons", ie, it would be good before excommunicating you to clarify if there they please because they belong to Karvelas and Vissi if you do not like him because generally Turns blisters musicals or just because so you must say something negative to say.
Because quite simply, if you love musical theater, interlink direct and if you know as a species, I do not get to say something negative. Completely though. First the Karvelas not just know from the outside and shuffling, but it must have melted that score has fallen into his hands. And this is evident by how complex the "Demons", using a number of reports and noble loans. We emphasize the word "loans" to clarify something. In art and music specialists, the "fish" a pattern and to disprove creative means in your own composition, not simply a shame but it's Maggie. Just do it with flair. Hadjidakis interlink direct was among the first "teachers" of this art simply because it is Hadjidakis, nobody dares to refer to klasikotropa 'loans' of. In "Demons" by Karvelas demonstrated excellent scholar of the genre. Having interlink direct dusting not only the major samples gothic rock opera, as we taught her Andrew Lloyd Webber, interlink direct but even the copy of Weber as the "Jekyll and Hyde" to the most street wise, modern specimens of the species. Has understood the meaning and placement (in musical theater forever I mean) of the duo, the lightweight intermentzo, the chorus, the klassikotropou crescendo interlink direct and the graft hits - hits that will become a "flag."
No, I have to pull and tongue, licks, I just happen to know and to love their kind few and I say this without any conceit. interlink direct Got it melts musicals though she does not have the necessary musicological knowledge to analyze, but I have leftover in my experience of it. So that I can at least understand the difference in musical direction these remixed "Demons" that played this year at Pallas, Alexis Prifti. Who not just dusted hardware loaf but showed all his variety and quality, making to twinkle.
In a generation, to come in for this, which is one of the few examples of musical theater made in Greece that could easily travel out. No, not everything is perfect in performance, nowhere in life not everything is perfect (thankfully). And especially in the early days as I saw it. There are scenes that clearly need trimming. There is an inconsistency between the sartorial unfortunate inspirations Denys Vachlioti (especially the scene of the palace) and the gothic interlink direct leather fashionistas who seem to be imposed by the set designer Manolis Pantelidakis. And an embarrassment interlink direct directorial control by Kaklea key scenes as sensationalism doll falling from the railings. (Let down the doll sir Kaklea me when lifting Demon, spoils the whole effect). But there is to get out of the negative, huge amounts of work, obvious and pathetic (although sometimes bourdouklonetai by the overzealous). Especially interlink direct for Greek theater production in times of crisis. Rightfully can be called a blockbuster.
Above all, however, there is an Anna Vissi in 50kati, who accomplishes something that few actors can match. Without trying to stun the love for it and sparkles. While it is the diva of the show, ushered in the background without hesitation when required by the project. To return interlink direct triumphantly to the foreground when needed. When required by the role. From focusing on narcissism justifiably interlink direct has every superstar but at work, communication and clarity of operatic singing requirement. I honestly can not imagine another Greek pop singer who could cope and glistening with the "Demons". In musicals musicals may in rock opera did not. And scenes like all similar, "charged" scenes of musical theater

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