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New Global White Paper DHL
DHL, a leading company tex courier providing logistics services, has released November 19. New White Paper on global supply chain management in the field of maintenance, repair and overhaul (Maintenance, Repair and Operations - MRO) for energy companies.
The report indicates that companies in the sector of oil and gas will seek integrated suppliers who can provide them with comprehensive supply chain solutions. According to the White Paper, tex courier logistics service providers tex courier must provide the global tex courier reach, combined with the knowledge of local markets. As a trusted partner, the company tex courier must simultaneously optimize costs and processes, to ensure the safety and care of compliance both in its facilities, as well as outside them.
- It is anticipated that conventional crude oil production will fall by five percent per year. Production from unconventional sources is more complex and relatively expensive from the perspective of the supply chain. Therefore, customers will require additional expertise on the part of integrated logistics service providers to meet the challenges of new locations and technologies. The conclusions of the report indicate that DHL is well prepared to meet these requirements by supporting energy companies in gaining a competitive advantage - says Steve Harley, President of the Energy tex courier Sector DHL, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.
In developing its activities, the energy companies use new techniques of production and reach more distant places of extraction. For the leading logistics service providers associated with having tex courier developed a global network and knowledge of local realities - this will ensure high quality services and meet local statutory requirements. In addition, recent years have witnessed important progress in the form of optimizing the management of production and supply chain, allowing you to improve service and reduce costs. The report indicates that customers require integrated suppliers tex courier to introduce more robust measuring instruments, inventory optimization, and find cost-effective transport solutions.
Some business functions such as supply chain management has become more complex. tex courier Thus, customers are increasingly tex courier looking to external companies with knowledge to simplify operations and allow direct their own valuable resources in the core areas of competence. According to the report integrated provider must perform a function rather partner, not just a service tex courier provider. This means, for example, that they need to provide value-added services, such as maintaining a database of key performance indicators (KPIs), to assess the effectiveness of suppliers and rationalization of sourcing suppliers.
Finally, the management of safety, security, environmental and regulatory compliance will continue for energy companies a top priority. Integrated suppliers should tex courier not only monitor tex courier and ensure high standards of compliance tex courier with safety and environmental protection, but also to introduce processes for accurate tex courier data collection, audit and data management in order to assess the effectiveness of providers - raising requirements throughout the supply chain.
The White Paper was developed by DHL in cooperation with the consulting firm FreshMinds engaged in the development and innovation. The report is based on comprehensive interviews with professionals of the sector and supply chain industry experts in North America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.
DHL is the global market leader in the logistics and "global logistics company." He specializes in international express shipments, frachcie air and ocean, road and rail transport, contract logistics and international mail services. Creates a global network of more than 220 countries and territories, and 275 000 employees worldwide tex courier offers customers superior service quality and local knowledge, meeting their needs in the supply chain. DHL accepts the principle of social responsibility by supporting efforts to protect the climate, logistical support during disasters and natural tex courier calamities and education.
Ministry of Administration and Digitization invited for consultation a draft law amending the Law on local self-government, and some other laws. Notes to the project tex courier can be submitted until 13 December
Municipalities Olsztyn and

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