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In China there is a liberalism that until the whole earth is owned by the state. The government con

Chinese suspended income tax on small businesses! - It's About Time!
"Yesterday I was in Zhuzhou. For this very average Chinese city in Hunan province arrived at 6 in the morning. Seriously, I was afraid that the city will still asleep but my eyes appeared hkpost what you see in the picture above. Stretching hundreds of meters (somehow km) supply of goods to the stores located hkpost in shopping malls in the city center. I learned that it is everyday life. I thought that after so many years in China, nothing is able to surprise me but it was a shock. Merchandise hkpost day rotate as much as in the Polish boutiques for a month (with good winds). The entire main street locked rear entrance blocked everywhere are porters, hkpost street bars and shop owners, saleswomen are coming just to work. I put some pictures hkpost of what I saw there but a few days too will disappear and will be only one title (I do not have space on the server) so behold the and recommend to friends while there is still. Owners hkpost boutiques in Poland publikujcie this listing on fejsbukah and tłiterach - in protest.
From my own observation and experience tell you that in China hard surfaces of stores for rent. Everywhere something happens, there is nothing empty, no one works for free! Stores are often open on the ground floor, in private homes, which is entered through a window after a makeshift staircase with boxes and bricks! But in China there is no democracy and human rights are allegedly violated - hehe.
He was recently in China and I can confirm that this is how it looks there. Give us, O God, like "communism". And of course, that this entry does not hit the Polish-language media, when they are busy to serving rabble-style sensationalism or Doda wearing panties or not. And in general it known that all good comes from Brussels, and east of the Bug River, this nasty, so why deal with some overseas China?
China is a beautiful country for mikkistów. They can go there and you will not have to pay taxes. hkpost We know the mikkista not do more marketing as $ 3,200. Because how? But will he could enter and walk down "the window to the makeshift stairs with boxes and bricks . Beautiful country, beautiful manners, marvelous civilization. I hope that soon the Chinese government libertarian restore the great tradition, when every Chinese family had its own little stove to melt iron.
The ideological stupidity of iron smelting in dymarkach, because the Lord at the end of his entry he wrote certainly will not be restored in China, as it can be quiet. Cited by the Lord but the fact of the construction period the best of regimes shows that since the liberal changes in the RCA in zakrersie functioning of the economy, the country, the poorer the start of Polish and remaining at a very low level of technology, 30 years of the new economic policy not only us and all Europe caught up but surpassed in economic development. It was there in August produces shoes, shirts, computers, dishwashers, dryers, light bulbs and many other goods which we use every day. It was there in August builds highways, skyscrapers, airports, dams, high-speed railways, years in space and most importantly has a budget savings and a significant part of the U.S. and Europe in your pocket in the form of bonds these zbnkrutowanych countries. It shows what a shithole of civilization is that the power of Europe and become a China, including through stores that which enters through the boxes and bricks through the window. You PIH, SANEPID and the Tax Office a long time to have such an interest and the owner closed the shop and sent his entire family on the dole, paid the debt of another country how to enlisted. China and many countries of the Far East INFRINGEMENT show in the real world, hkpost as economic freedom serves the people and creates the nation's wealth. In contrast to the indebted and standing in the place of Europe, the shut-off even coupons hkpost from their former glory and power, this is a great proof that the way forward is better and creates better conditions for the progress of civilization.
In China there is a liberalism that until the whole earth is owned by the state. The government controls the banking sector in 2012. state-owned hkpost companies produce about 50% of GDP. The freedom of speech etc.. not even worth mentioning.
Yet within 30 years, thanks to the partial introduction of a market hkpost economy, have become a major economic power. This is what would happen hkpost if economic freedom was even greater? Is not this proves that liberal solutions are the most effective and provide a firm foundation for development?
Economic power? The point is that they have a large GDP? No wonder-we are talking about a country that has more than one billion people. Brazil has recently overtaken the UK in terms of the economy, but Brazil has 200 million people and 60 million UK.
Greed in fact the desire to get rich is a natural desire of most people. Nothing wrong with that. I do not look at China as a paradise on earth because n

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