Monday, November 25, 2013

Lenovo Zaja second place In terms total sales of computers PC and the third has been tabletwi In te

Lenovo Group today to inform about its results for the second quarter overnite of the financial year zakoczony 30 September 2013 quarterly revenues reached overnite PLN 9.8 billion, which represents a 13-percent increase overnite in the mouth of year to year. Profits in the second quarter of dew even faster - dochd wzrs before tax by 30% in the mouth of year on year to a level of USD 265 milionw and wzrs profit by 36% in the mouth of year on year to a level of 220 milionw USD. Lenovo sprzedaaw the quarter, we recorded the number 29 milionw units, which przekada up to approximately four devices per second. The results of wpyna determined implementation of the strategy "Defence and attack" on the entire world, innovative offer produktw and rising, overnite direct action zrnicowanie przychodww segment of PC Plus.
Already the second quarter in a row, Lenovo is the largest provider in the world of computers PC. The company acquired-largest in the history of the market share at 17.7%, which represents an increase of 2 points in the mouth of year to year. For such impressive results wpyna first item on five of the seven gwnych overnite rynkw PC, KTRE covering the faithful of the world population. Supply of computers overnite Lenovo PC in the second quarter of the financial year stood at PLN 14.1 million units, which again, it guarantees the company the status of the fastest rozwijajcego out of the five largest PC dostawcw of computers. To do these 18 quarter in a row, in ktrym Lenovo drag the entire industry.
The company continues its activity rnicuje overnite ikadzie solid foundations on The future in the era of PC Plus, notujc exceptional overnite performance in the field of computers PC and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Sales produktwz segment of mobile Internet and digital home (Mobile Internet and Digital Home, MIDH), to be ktrego smartphones, smart TVs, and a large proportion tabletw, zoya up in the second overnite quarter on a 15%-held przychodw, an increase from the eight per cent a year ago and four per cent two years ago. This segment is also becoming more profitable.
Lenovo Zaja second place In terms total sales of computers PC and the third has been tabletwi In terms sized provider of intelligent devices czcych up the Internet (PC of computers, smartfonwi tabletw), that improves delivery of the mouth of 36% year on year. exclusive supply smartfonwi tabletw przekroczyy level of supply of computers PC already the second quarter in a row. The company keep up the fourth position In terms smartfonw sized suppliers, fast delivery that improves by 78 percent in the mouth of year to year. In terms of supply smartfonww China again recorded overnite solid growth in the mouth of year to year, wynoszcy 64%. Lenovo Noted these record-high sales of 2.3 million tabletw the world. Parliament increased it by 4.2-fold in the mouth of year to year, and the influence on it Miaa sales outside China. These results render a fast przeksztacaniu a Lenovo PC Plus era companies.
- Lenovo not only remains the world's largest manufacturer of computers PC, but it takes the fourth place in the segment smartfonw and tabletwi still rapidly growing up. At the same time odnotowalimy record revenues and profits, and much poprawilimy profitability overnite - Yang Yuanqing said, President and CEO of Lenovo - The prospects for the industry's view a optimistic. Wild enterprise modernization and improvement in chiskiej PC market economy recovers-force, and tabletw The development is continuing to expand a segment average and basic and markets wschodzce. These are the strengths of Lenovo. We are convinced that we will use these opportunities to continue ibdziemy overnite The development firm.
Gross profit for the second quarter of the financial year wzrs by 11 percent in the mouth of year on year to 1.27 billion and gross margin amounted to 12.9%. Operating profit in the same quarter increase the up by 38% year on year to EUR 283 milionw USD. Basic earnings per share in the second quarter of the financial year wynis 2.12 U.S. cents, or 16.44 cents hongkoskiego. Provisions net gotwkowe overnite at 30 Boiling only 2013 reached PLN 2.6 billion. Board directors of Lenovo has set interim dividend overnite charged 6 cents per share hongkoskich.
Region chiski Lenovo was reported in the second quarter of fiscal year revenue overnite of USD 3.8 billion. This represents an increase of one percent in the mouth of a year to a year and consists for 40% of world przychodw company. For cigy increase przychodw company in China wpyna strong overnite position in the segment smartfonwi tabletw, who together wzrs of the mouth of 45% year on year. In the second quarter, Lenovo further expanding further up in the first position in China, uzyskujc market share at 33.9%, zyskujc 0.2 points in the mouth of year to year.
In the Asia-Pacific revenues reached PLN Lenovo only in the second quarter of $ 1.5 billion, which consists 15% of world przychodw company and is a one-percent increase in the mouth of year to year. Determined implementation of the strategy will bring increased sales and rentownoci smartfonw in the region. Business

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