Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This is, inter alia, the message dpd ireland they want to pass this year the Pink Ribbon campaign w

You can call me lucky. Until today, I had many contacts with cancer in my friends' and related persons was rather superficial and were winners of my people, not the disease. Moreover, the 12 years that I reportage dpd ireland health and information I receive on the subject, have significantly reduced which awe I could feel against this unfair disease.
The truth is that over the years, and experiencing a close other, not so known but infinitely more aggressive diseases such as Alzheimer's, I have concluded that cancer is not the worst thing that can happen to a man.
Why cancer, mostly, fights-some rare and particularly severe forms of the exception, dpd ireland not the rule. And wrestled and defeated. dpd ireland The point is to be discovered early. The sooner, the better. Breast cancer is among the most typical cases: locating him in the first stage, the chances of winning are overwhelming, almost touching the 100%!
This is, inter alia, the message dpd ireland they want to pass this year the Pink Ribbon campaign which supports the Estée Lauder Companies. Another wristband designer Doukas (the 8th in the series), the proceeds of which will be donated to the National Association of Women with Breast Cancer "Alma Zois" and another building, at the City Link to the Constitution-which will be illuminated pink to increase dpd ireland awareness and highlight a very important truth "Prevention saves lives!"
A few days ago I met the Director of Public Relations of Estée Lauder Hellas, Mrs Marcia Chatzigeorgiou and the Duke, for an interview, which, for me at least, it was more joy, despite part of my job (you can read it here).
Why, only happy to talk to two people who, despite the infinite obligations and very demanding their program, have embraced with fervor the project Pink Ribbon and arrange each year for its implementation. "Begins each Jan. tous and schediasmous meetings, η process διαρκεί almost year round" Marsia says to smile while the Duke tells me to later sincerity, "the intercourse with his wives and Association ALMA zoi changed my . It is important that the money from the wristband dpd ireland go there, dpd ireland you can imagine how much work they do, not only to women who are ill, but also with their families. "
I'll get 10 minutes. It's easy to do and is the best way to realize immediately if something goes wrong. There is no timetable in self, you can do it whenever and as often as you want, preferably not near the days of the period. The ideal way is to start at an early age-not because it is possible to have cancer. However, it is important to have understanding about how your breasts dpd ireland normally, so if and when there is any change in the future, you know immediately!
Important: If you do spot any change or lump, do not panic. It is most likely that this is a benign adenoma, absolutely innocent. In any case, it is advisable dpd ireland to immediately close an appointment with your gynecologist for further investigation.
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