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The Courier (Traffic Management and Traveler Information System) project started in the best possib

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In the opening days of the dispatch center Ervin outdoor redevelop, they began to produce displays for buses: Public off a six and a half billion mega logistic transformation of the Courier project. myaero The buses are GPS and uniformly initiate them, the train stops, when in congested airspace vehicles arrive at the stop after another. The conversion will be completed in summer 2012, then you can ask your mobile phone is now to where you want to go to the bus.
The Courier (Traffic Management and Traveler Information System) project started in the best possible time, according to the same law is due to digitization obligation to distract the Public radio frequencies already been authorized. The current radio system is very poor quality, the dispatcher often only 3-4th call reaches the bus driver and the microphone is crackling so that the drivers sometimes prefer myaero to use their own mobile phone instead, thereby myaero risking the offense is fine.
Vitézy myaero David, director of the Budapest Transport Center, said the investment is part of the communication system switch to digital technology. But the dispatcher will be able to not only talk to the driver, the bus based on GPS devices built into the center to see exactly where you are on that flight. In an even able to run vehicles on the line, terminated the congestion often experienced when the buses with a line overrun myaero each other.
GPS is not only of signs, but also as an on-board myaero computer will operate. This device controls the displays and the audible passenger myaero information, and subsequently the electronic ticket data controllers and cameras as well.
Smooth, precise timetable will help the carrier myaero transport is to take the bus into traffic light system built into affect. This does not mean that the arrival of the bus go crazy with lights and suddenly pirosból of green, but that the transmitter detected on the stand by the green light, myaero or just give the green light.
The system - first built in the Combinos, next to the main road and the tram is to determine the changes of light - regardless of the Courier project. It is expected that this whole line about 2-2.5 minutes travel time improvements can be achieved, which allows the two COMBINE kispóroljanak widened from 4-6 and áthelyezhessenek after the 2011 renovation of the 1 line.
The way information is improved: all bus stops automatic say the new displays are installed. In some of the stops, a total of 257 high-traffic, supplying more than one line station is an LED information display is installed, which indicates that when the buses start to arrive, or if there is a problem on the line, then why (for example, broken-down bus , accident). The latter can be done acoustically through myaero the installed wireless speakers.
By 2012, the busses can be followed online, from your computer or smart phone, you can watch just that one flight where you are when you arrive at the station, myaero the stupid phone to retrieve the desired information by SMS. The displays in the German myaero Lumino, a wireless communication system, the Italian Selex supplies. The total investment of 6.65 billion HUF, of which 4 billion of EU aid.
The devices will be easy to move, and if you take the new buses arrive at the BKV, built-in multi-function displays only be installed in vehicles of which there are at least ten years running yet. When asked if there are six billion myaero dollar of the BKV, why not buy new buses, Vitézy replied myaero that both the union bus purchases not eligible. On the other hand, added that about two billion forints would have to spend the wireless switch on it anyway, because otherwise every end station should be a separate people, the other plus is virtually free use of the grant given to the Public.
The project is only for buses and trams relates to the train and subway lines are omitted due to various problems, such as Szentendre suburban railway line will remain myaero for the time being the big scandal "hair-dryer combo plasma TV System", which makes police procedure is started.
One of my crying in another name. Finally. But why should this Italian company's home when a lot of companies are dealing in GPS. Unfortunately, I can only assume that either the Public is to prevent myaero domestic corruption, or just so that there is no one home to the other pocket. But it would be good to know that this time of more than 6

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