Friday, November 29, 2013

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The Ukrainian company Naftogaz cut gas supplies from the Russian company Gazprom | Life Invest - Investment and Finance
Central Board of Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia reported that the Ukrainian company Naftogaz received last month from the Russian company multipac Gazprom 3.2 billion cubic meters of gas. In early November, the imports decreased by more than half, while the 8 of November reception of gas between the two organizations has been completely multipac stopped.
Russian president's spokesman confirmed that last Saturday held a meeting at which were to be re-discussed political and economic relations between Russia and the Ukraine. This meeting was to regularize the situation between the two countries after the possible entry of Ukraine into the European Union, and not as planned Russia multipac to the Eurasian Economic Union, which has run since 2015.
Interest in Ukrainian partner Gazprom gas product decreased for several years. Already since 2010 the number of deliveries decreased several times. In addition, the Ukrainian company Naftogaz has commitments with Russian partner that aligns smoothly, but not in installments that are satisfactory for Gazprom. As confirmed by the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Eduard Stawycki debt has been settled at 20%, which is equivalent to $ 882,000,000.
Since last year, Ukraine has started cooperation within the supply of gas to European countries via the German group RWE. In practice, this was the import of fuel from Hungary in the amount of 22.1 million cubic meters of Polish 13,800,000 and from east Europe 3.1 billion cubic meters. The value of these transactions exceeded the amount of $ 1 billion.
Economists sensitize the interest of Ukraine European market is the result of the desire to join the European Community. multipac These plans do not like Russia, multipac which in addition to a business partner may also lose political ally. The gas conflict has to be the first sign of overt economic struggle of Russia and Ukraine, which may also gain or suffer the whole of Europe.
[...] For a period multipac of up to two years if the company does not give revenue. This status allows entrepreneurs nonpayment of social security contributions. According to the CEIDG in the last year has been zwieszonych 311 thousand. [...]
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