Sunday, January 12, 2014

About 11 percent ondot courier of patients surveyed reported complications around the time of recei

A Canadian study that followed 80 patients with multiple sclerosis who underwent the controversial "liberation treatment" abroad suggests that about half of them saw their symptoms improve after the procedure.
Researchers in British Columbia surveyed 80 people over the phone, one year after receiving the controversial treatment, which involves ondot courier opening blocked ondot courier veins to improve blood flow to the brain.
"The picture seems to be emerging is that about half the patients feel some improvements in MS symptoms. The degree of improvement is mild to significant," Dr. Anthony Traboulsee, medical director ondot courier of the UBC Hospital MS Clinic, told CTV News.
About 11 percent ondot courier of patients surveyed reported complications around the time of receiving the liberation treatment. Another 13.8 percent of the problems experienced until a month later.
Pain and bleeding are among the complications experienced. One patient suffered a stroke after surgery, while another reported similar to heart attack symptoms.
Lori Batchelor was among those who found the treatment beneficial. She traveled to a clinic in the U.S. for the procedure after living with MS for over two decades. Before treatment, the patient had difficulty walking and standing.
"I was very clear that because my results were so good, I wanted to record that this is a very important procedure finally have some treatment available for someone like me, who is left to just get worse in recent years with absolutely nothing available, "he told CTV News.
Fifty-eight women and 22 men participated in the study. For respondents, the average age of MS diagnosis was 39 years old. The results of the survey broadcast treatment are in agreement with the reports of the patients themselves, and not confirmed by medical evaluation.
Traboulsee said the results of the telephone survey emphasize the need for a formal study of the effect of treatment in patients with MS. "We have so many unanswered questions, and no shortage of opinion about this situation and a trial of therapy is an effective way to address the concerns," he said.
That's why Traboulsee and his team will soon start recruiting people to a larger study in which 100 patients with multiple sclerosis receive the liberation treatment, similar to angioplasty.
The study controlled monitor patients with MS over a period of two years to monitor any changes in your symptoms. It is a collaborative effort of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec. The liberation treatment was developed by Italian doctor Paolo Zamboni, who theorized that MS has vascular symptoms. He postulated that the narrow neck veins cause a condition called chronic cerebrospinal ondot courier venous insufficiency, or CCSVI.
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